What You Should Consider When Booking An Outdoor Wedding Venue in Bangalore

What You Should Consider When Booking An Outdoor Wedding Venue in Bangalore

What You Should Consider When Booking an Outdoor Wedding Venue in Bangalore between Feb and May

Beautiful weather makes Bangalore the perfect destination to have an outdoor wedding. There are many places including resorts, clubs, and farmhouses that offer outdoor wedding venues in Bangalore. Nevertheless, there are a lot of things you need to keep in mind before organizing one.

Changes in the Weather

The time between February and May might be ideal to hold an outdoor wedding in Bangalore. Then again there is no guarantee that there will be no strong winds or rain. You will need to have a solid backup plan just in case it rains. A tented wedding reception would be ideal. You get to enjoy the beauty of the outdoor wedding. At the same time you also have a security shelter that protects you from the rain.

What You Should Consider When Booking An Outdoor Wedding Venue in Bangalore
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This is one of the main things you need to look into if you want to have an outdoor wedding. It can get quite hot in Bangalore during the months of Feb to May. You might want to install fans and air conditioning units to make things comfortable for your guests. Use lounge furniture with lots of pillows to make it more inviting and cozy. You may want to add a few signs to guide your guests from the ceremony to reception, dining area, and rest rooms.

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Setting the mood right is very important when holding an outdoor wedding. You can choose from a variety of lighting options including paper lanterns, twinkling lights, stately chandeliers, or pin spot lighting to light up the venue. Make sure you light up the surrounded walkways to provide easy access to rest rooms. You might want to hang a few tea lights or mason jars from nearby tree branches. Rent an extra generator to avoid blackouts during the wedding reception. Have an electrician check out the venue and secure all your lighting fixtures. Keep a ‘lighting pro’ on hand to make sure everything stays in place.


You might want to clear all the walkways and make your venue safe and wheelchair-friendly if you are having elderly people attending the wedding. Keep some extra umbrellas and shawls just in case anyone needs them. Make sure there are no loose wires lying around the place. Have enough seating spaces ready for your guests.


The best part of having an outdoor wedding is that you can get creative with your menu. You can have a variety of options of your choice. But make sure you also have lots of cold water and refreshing nonalcoholic beverages on hand. Lemonade, tender coconut, and iced tea can make good staples during the summer months.

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Ask your caterer to pay a visit to the site a day prior to the wedding day so that he is prepared with all his supplies. Having a separate prepping tent ready for your caterer can help. Make sure you have enough wait staff on hand to take care of your guests and people to set things up and clean.
Planning up well and making the necessary preparations is the key to have a successful outdoor wedding. Take time to think it all out. Ask around for some ideas and tips. Get in touch with lighting pros. Have lots of fun.

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