Wedding Venues In Bangalore – Tips And Pointers

Wedding Venues In Bangalore – Tips And Pointers

Finding Wedding Venues in Bangalore is no easy task. It involves visiting a number of wedding venues in Bangalore, discussing the pricing of these venues and then finally shortlisting one of these Bangalore wedding venues that best meets your requirement and one that best fits your budget. has a comprehensive list of over 400 wedding venues in Bangalore. This list includes traditional wedding halls such as Kuchalamba Kalyana Mahal to fancy wedding venues such as the ones in Palace grounds. We have personally visited all these places to better understand the experience even before we can recommend our users to these Bangalore wedding venues. So if you are looking for a wedding venue in Bangalore, then the easiest thing for you to do is to simply call our call center at 7676700600 (add +91 if you are calling outside Bangalore) and our customer service representatives will happily assist you by recommending a wedding venue in Bangalore that best meets your requirement.

If you would like us to contact you in instead, then simply enter your requirement in this form below and we will get in touch with you shortly.

Finding Wedding Venues in Bangalore

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Wedding Venues In Bangalore

There are a few parameters you could use to compare one wedding venue to another wedding venue in Bangalore. We’ll explain a few parameters below to help you better appreciate the features of these wedding venues in Bangalore:

Location! Location! Location! – Wedding Venues in Bangalore

Most people who are looking for wedding venues in Bangalore, begin their search by identifying a few localities or  “areas” as they are called in Bangalore. Bangalore South has the most number of wedding venues. Areas such as Jayanagar,  Basavangudi and Bannerghatta road is teaming with wedding venues of all shapes and size. One of the major drawback with most of these wedding venues in Bangalore South is that they often do not have dedicated parking space for visitors. This is true of most wedding venues in Bangalore across the city. While having said that, there are a few wedding venues which have ample parking space but they are more of an exception than the majority of these Bangalore wedding venues.

Reception and Dining Hall Capacity – Wedding Venues in Bangalore

Most of the reception halls in Bangalore are spacious enough for mid size weddings. While there are reception halls which can accommodate upto 2000 guests, there are also smaller halls with guest capacity of 300 to 400 guests. This is one of the first thing you will want to be sure of before short listing a wedding venue in Bangalore. A wedding venue with 400 seating capacity can comfortably accommodate upto 1200 guests on a floating capacity i.e. weddings are events where people don’t generally spend a lot of time seated. They enter the venue, say hi to a few friends, wish the couple, head down to the dining hall, finish dinner and leave. So you will have to factor the floating capacity of the hall in order to identify the right wedding venue for your marriage.

Bottom of the bill charge – Wedding Venues in Bangalore

Wedding Venues In BangaloreWhen it comes to understanding the rental rates of these Bangalore wedding venues, our experience in dealing with wedding venues in Bangalore has been one of difficulty. We’ll explain why. Most of the halls will typically tell you the rental pricing of the wedding venue in different parts. A rental invoice will typically contain two major components: Rental component that the wedding venue earns as the rental revenue and the utilities component for services and items consumed such as electricity, water, cleaning labour, security, serial lighting, LPG gas cylinders, etc. You will have to be sure that you understand all the charges under both of these components before you decide to rent a wedding venue. Because of the extreme scrutiny by the tax authorities, most hall owners often hesitate to share the break up of the final bill. You will have to be sure to spend time understanding the bottom of the bill charge before you make that deposit as advance.

There are a number of other parameters such as parking capacity, decoration options, vaastu position of the mandap, etc that we would urge you to consider too. We will be writing about those items shortly. But these are the 3 main items on your list if you are looking to find that wedding hall among many wedding venues in Bangalore today. Good luck with your search!

Here is a long list of wedding venues in Bangalore that you might be interested in perusing even before you contact us.

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