Wedding Planners in Bangalore – Small Checklist

Wedding Planners in Bangalore – Small Checklist

There are many nice things to know when you are thinking of hiring wedding planners in Bangalore, like the way fashion is making its way back into the wedding scene these days or the way you will want the backdrop of your reception stage to look, etc. There are tens of dozens of things to know right from what to wear to what to arrange for the wedding meal, the way to decorate flowers on a wedding Kalyana mandap, etc. Here are some essential tips before you hire wedding planners in Bangalore on wedding planning in India..

Things to consider before hiring wedding planners in Bangalore

First thing first: Guests!

Even before those wedding planners in Bangalore have you finalize or shortlist a venue for your wedding, you have to know the number of guests that you will have to invite to your wedding. This is very crucial to find out because the choice of a wedding hall will purely depend on the number of people/guests you will be expecting.

Find out what is the wedding date

It will help to know if your wedding date happens to be a busy day for example if your wedding date happens to be on the day of a charity walk, public holiday, etc then it is possible that many people do not be able to make it to your wedding so spend some time finding out if the day of your wedding happens to be on any of these public events. This is one of the items that wedding planners in Bangalore will consider even before you bring it up, but again, if they fail to, you will know what to consider most.

Keep the weather in mind

You will want to consider the effects of bad weather before you approach wedding planners in Bangalore. A bad shower on the day of your wedding can make the difference between an awesome event to a sorry event. It’s not a bad idea to pull up that weather app on your phone to see what the weather looks like on the day of your wedding. While there are enough reasons to worry about a rain shower, a bad hot sun can make your life just as miserable. If you are planning to have a wedding in outdoor space, then a hot sun can only mean your guests are not going to be that impressed about your choice of the wedding venue. So have those wedding planners in Bangalore consider these things before you finalize on that wedding venue.

Budget! Budget! Budget!

Yes, that’s right. It does start with money and does end with it. (Possible that those wedding planners in Bangalore are already constantly reminding you of this 😉 ) All the choices that you are going to make from the items on the dinner menu to the service staff, the size of the hall, furniture, etc will primarily depend upon the budget you have set aside for your wedding. So before you start planning your wedding, be sure to get a very accurate understanding of what kind of budget you are sitting on.

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