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Bangalore weddings are known to be lavish and there are a plethora of ceremonies and rituals that need to be observed.  This makes the work of a Bangalore wedding photographer all the more difficult to execute due to the vast diversity of customs and traditions that need to be covered.  Here are some things to consider when doing Bangalore Wedding photography.

Reputable Bangalore wedding photographers will go out of their way to meet the couple beforehand rather than on the date of the wedding itself.  Getting to know the couple allows the photographer to be able to determine what their expectations are and what kind of shots they prefer to see or are comfortable doing.  Establishing good rapport with the soon to be wed couple also allows the photographer an opportunity to take better and more beautiful shots as they are more relaxed when he begins clicking away at his camera during the proper wedding itself.

During Bangalore weddings it can be quite difficult to get exclusive time with just the wedded couple themselves because there are a lot of guests that require to be photographed and too many people are jostling for the couple’s attention.  Bangalore photographers properly plan and schedule at least a window of twenty to thirty minutes with the couple just prior to the wedding ceremony itself.  Sometimes, it may even be a necessity to schedule planned shots at least a day before just to ensure that the shots are fabulously taken.

Due to the fact that Indian weddings are quite unique in its own way, it is essential that the Indian wedding photographer understands the wedding process, the events as well as its importance to the couple.  In Traditional Bangalore weddings, the photographer is expected to capture very specific moments of the ceremony.  This is also another reason why it is so important that Bangalore photographers talk to the couple beforehand so that there would be no issues later on.

When it comes to family photos in Indian weddings, it is quite difficult to determine who among the many guests are really close to the couple. Each and every person that attended the wedding will consider themselves as very close to the couple and therefore “expect” to have their picture taken promptly.  Indian photographers plan well ahead of time by asking a close family member of the bride and groom to assist them when it comes to group family pictures so that no important member of the family is left out.

Bangalore Wedding Photographer

Bangalore Wedding Photographer

Indian weddings can be likened to a big carnival because of the festivities involved.  There is so much color so much so that it is quite common for the Indian photographer to saturate his shots with dazzling imagery. Sometimes Bangalore photographers have a hard time trying to get a good shot of the couple because of the throng of people that are always around.  Indian photographers are very polite but firm when it comes to getting the shot they need because they owe it to the couple to remember with beautiful and dazzling pictures of one of the most important events of their lives.


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