Wedding Decorations – The Importance in an Indian Wedding

Wedding Decorations – The Importance in an Indian Wedding

No Indian wedding is ever complete without elaborate wedding decorations.  Colorful Indian weddings require proper preparation, planning and coordination with flower decoration in order to mirror the traditional styles and customs needed for the wedding ceremony.  Many Indian couples today choose a combination of traditional and modern themes when it comes to their wedding decorations.  Here are some tips to keep in mind.
Wedding decorations include the proper preparation of the venue. So the first step once the venue has been chosen is to match the wedding decorations with the preferences of the couple.  In an Indian wedding, color plays a major role in determining the décor and eventual tone of the event.  In order to produce a well-coordinated wedding, it is essential that the decorations you choose abide well with the theme you have chosen.


Wedding Decorations – Colors Define the Déco


The choice of color is considered to be one of the most important decisions couples have to make in order to get the right theme to come out.  While it is true that Indian couples are free to choose whatever color they prefer, do take into consideration the venue of the wedding and also whether it is going to be a traditional one or something informal  and casual.   This will help determine the kind of wedding decorations needed in order to get the look right.
Bangalore wedding decorators will if ask you  what type of color you prefer for your wedding day. They will make suggestions in the order to integrate your chosen hue with those of the wedding decorations for the venue. Consider looking at a number of different shades available in order to arrive at the best one possible.  Make sure that your wedding attire is properly coordinated so that it would not clash with the other aspects of the décor.


Flowers Should Complement The Them


When it comes to wedding decorations for your chosen venue, expect to see a lot of drapery, carpeting and flowers to enhance the theme of the occasion.  Your chosen colored theme should complement this setting.  Talk to your wedding planner to determine what flowers to use. A popular flower used in Indian weddings include golden yellow Marigolds. You can pair this beautifully with white so as to make a good color contrast.  Red roses are also quite popular and goes well with almost any traditional Hindu dress.


Discuss & Decide


When it comes to wedding decorations it is always advisable to discuss first prior to making any decision. There is nothing wrong if you want to replicate the wedding decorations of a popular Bollywood actor.  What you have to keep in mind is that you should get hold of excellent decorators such as the ones offered at  Book them early so that you will be able to avail of their services.  Do not wait until the last minute to decide because chances are they might already have clients for that day.
Wedding decorations are considered to be one of the defining aspects that make Indian weddings special and quite grand in its own right. Proper preparation in coordination with the right kind of people will help ensure your wedding is a success.




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