Wedding Decoration – How to Use Colors

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Wedding Decoration – How to Use Colors

Wedding Decoration – How to Use Colors

How to use colors in your wedding decoration

The wedding decoration, that are always appreciated at Indian weddings, range from the very colorful to the very dramatic.  Not only should you be able to expect flower decoration pieces that are sure to delight every guest, the wedding adornments used are filled with symbolism that reflects the couple’s hopes for the future.  Here are some pointers on how to use color to achieve the best effect for your wedding decoration.

Determine Season and Space

Wedding DecorationWhen it comes to the use of color for the wedding decoration, you need to ask yourself a couple of questions: the first one is what time of the year will your wedding be because the choice of colors will greatly depend also on the season and the second question is what kind of space will be utilized in order to celebrate the different ceremonies of the Hindu wedding ritual.  If it is an outdoor space, then your choice of wedding decoration colors can be as varied as ever but for indoor banquet halls, the current colors of the walls and floors will likely determine what colors are safe to use in order to avoid clashing.

Get Inspiration from Things around You

When choosing colors for your wedding decoration do not limit yourself by what tradition dictates.  Granted that religion and time-honored customs play a major role in helping you decide what colors predominate the wedding decoration preparations, you should also take something from your personal life and integrate it with the overall décor of your wedding.  Take some inspiration from your everyday life, visit a bookstore or purchase a fashion magazine to learn the latest trends that you can incorporate.

Where to Implement the Colors

This part can be a little tricky at times because of the tendency of going overboard so it would be wise to consult an expert wedding planner if you are not sure how to implement wedding decoration colors.

Wedding Gown and Bridal Accessories

Indian BrideIndian bridal dresses are known for beautiful and intricate designs depending on the region. There are even some dresses that have incorporated real gold threads into the fabric.  Gold is the color of the gods and is a popular wedding decoration color that you could implement.

Your chosen wedding decoration colors should also be appreciated in the clothes that your groom would be wearing.  The colors can best be appreciated when he goes for the traditional procession with his family known as the baraat.  Do not forget to implement the color schemes you have chosen into your wedding invitations as well as the wedding trinket giveaways that you plan to provide for your guests.

Know Where to Look

If you are having trouble on planning which colors you should choose for your wedding décor, there is an online portal that offers an abundance of resource material to help you choose not only the right colors but also the appropriate wedding decoration suppliers guaranteed to make your wedding memorable.  Visit today to get the latest information and advice on everything about Indian weddings.


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