Traditional Games that add Fun to Hindu Weddings

Traditional Games that add Fun to Hindu Weddings

Can you remember the last wedding that you attended? What can you recall about the day? Was it the décor at the venue or the food? Was any special entertainment program arranged? Most importantly did the bride and the groom play any of the traditional marriage games? You might not have noticed; but there certainly are a few such games that make Hindu marriages a lot of fun.

It’s not just the rituals that make up for a Hindu wedding. The traditional games are essential too. Not only do they improve the interaction between the bride and the groom’s side people, they also add a fun element to the wedding. We have compiled an entire list of such traditional games that you can use to make your wedding unique and memorable. Don’t forget to print this article and staple it on to your wedding diary.

Rolling the Coconut

This game is played after the rituals of the marriage are over. The bride and the groom sit facing each other with about a 10 feet distance between them. The couple has to then start rolling coconuts towards each other and try to strike them mid-way. They get three chances to do this. Within these three chances they have to make sure at least one of the coconuts breaks. With all the commentary and constant batter of the guests, this is going to be a lot of fun.

Ring Fishing

Take the wedding rings from the couple and put them in a big bowl. Now fill the bowl with milk, turmeric, and rose petals. To make things a little more complicated, you can also add a few metallic things such as coins, nuts, and bolts. The objective is to find the rings. When the game starts, the bride and the groom are to put one of their hands into this bowl and start searching for the rings. The first one to find both the rings is declared a winner. With the winning prize being an upper hand in the marriage with full bragging rights, things are going to get a lot more competitive and interesting.

Spot Thy Name

The preparation for this game starts at the Mehndi ceremony where in the bride gets the name of her groom inscribed into the design of her Mehndi. The groom has to identify his name before taking his new wife home.

Hiding the Shoe

If you have watched the movie, “Hum Aapke Hain Kaun,” you will be familiar with this game. The bride’s sisters and friends have a major role to play in this game. While the bride and groom are busy performing the rituals of the wedding, they have to somehow find the groom’s shoes and hide them in a safe place. To get his shoes back the groom will have to pay the bride’s sisters and friends, the ‘Shagun’ that is asked for. The negotiation part of this game is going to be the most interesting part of the entire wedding. Apart from the fun, the bride’s side also gets to make some good amount of cash through this game.

You will find many more such games if you ask around and do some research. Add as many as possible to make your wedding a fun-filled event

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