Tips for Hiring a Wedding Decorator in Bangalore

Tips for Hiring a Wedding Decorator in Bangalore

Traditional Hindu weddings are considered grand affairs that usually play out over several days and there are very elaborate ceremonies that can sometimes last for one week.  Basically, when we refer to Indian weddings per se, it is divided into three sections namely, the pre-wedding, the main wedding day and lastly, the post wedding functions.  All of these functions involve meticulous planning and involves a lot of people as Indian weddings are a celebration that involves all members of the family whether they are distant relatives or first degree ones.  In order to pull this momentous event through properly without a hitch, the couple needs to hire a reputable wedding decorator in Bangalore that will coordinate all the necessary planning for the décor especially the flowers because in the Hindu religion, flowers play a very important role in the rituals. For instance, Marigolds are the most commonly used flower in traditional Indian weddings because this is the flower that is used to worship Lord Vishnu and his wife goddess Lakshmi.   Therefore, these flowers are symbolic of the divine blessings that the newlyweds receive in preparation for their life together as husband and wife.

wedding decorator in BangaloreTherefore, when hiring a wedding decorator in Bangalore make sure to review his reputation first.  Find out how many traditional Indian weddings he has had the privilege of planning and decorating.  Check out photographs from his previous engagements to see if he is actually doing what he is supposedly advertising.  One of the most popular flowers that are used in Indian weddings are red, pink and white roses. The pink ones denote happiness, whereas the white one signifies charm as well as grace and the red one symbolizes passionate love.  It is important that your wedding decorator knows the reasons for the use of such flowers and understands their place in traditional Indian wedding ceremonies and rituals.

Tips to find a wedding decorator in Bangalore

When choosing a wedding decorator in Bangalore do not be merely satisfied with pictures that he might show you.  Insist also that he bring samples of the flowers and the arrangements and present these to you in order to determine the quality of the flowers he intends to bring to one of the most important days of your lives.  It is true that a great many wedding decorators do not have their own offices officially and usually work from home, but this should not deter you from choosing a reputable wedding decorator in Bangalore to handle your wedding if you feel confident enough in the work he has done.  Talk to the coordinator and find out if he or she is well organized. Find out how she will plan your wedding and if she can guarantee the flowers that you want.  Make sure that everything is done in black and white meaning that he provides you with a contract that outlines the services he intends to provide.  Do not select a wedding decorator that is late for a meeting or seems to be always talking to another client on the phone as this probably means that you might not have his full and undivided attention.

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