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Tips for choosing the Food Menu for an Indian Wedding Reception

Tips for choosing the Food Menu for an Indian Wedding Reception

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When it comes to Indian weddings, expect to see the embodiment of the country’s heritage and rich culture in the menu for the wedding reception.  Indian weddings are known to be extravagant and are always highlighted with exquisite Indian cuisine.  Here are some tips to consider when it comes to choosing the menu for an Indian wedding reception.

The first thing that you need to consider when choosing an Indian wedding reception menu is to consider the preferences of both sides of the family.  Discussion must be made with the groom and the bride’s family to determine if there is a specific dish they want to include or avoid in the menu.  When it comes to preparing Indian food, each dish is considered unique and it is essential that all menu items be stated clearly in the wedding menu so that there is no confusion. Once the food items have been chosen, it is not recommended to alter or modify it in some way as it may displace the other dishes included in the menu.

Wedding Caterers Bangalore
Wedding Caterers Bangalore

When choosing the food menu for an Indian wedding reception, one of the most important preliminary things to consider is whether or not to offer vegetarian or non-vegetarian Indian cuisine or maybe a combination of the two so as to please all of the guests.  If you are serving purely vegetarian items like in case of most Hindu weddings, make sure to select a caterer that specializes in these dishes to ensure quality of taste and presentation.  Budget is another important consideration when it comes to choosing the wedding menu and can make or break the quality of the feast.

It is a known fact that Indian weddings are quite large and lavish affairs attended by a lot of people. It is in this regard that it is quite important that there is always a buffer of at least twenty to twenty five people so that there is enough food to go around and to avoid any embarrassment on the part of the hosts.

When choosing starters, ensure that the items can be appreciated by everyone.  Some of the most popular include petis, Khadvi, spring rolls, samosas and chaat.  For health conscious guests or those that are watching their weight you may want to serve some salads such as green leafy vegetables, freshly cut to bite sized pieces. You may also want to add some western style dressing choices if you prefer.

The success or failure of an Indian Wedding reception relies heavily on what kind of food is served for the main course.  These dishes will likely determine how your guests will remember most about your event.  The main course should include at least five kinds of veggies, an assortment of breads, fragrantly cooked rice and at least two to three kinds of daals.  Make sure that there is naan and chapatti that are served together with your main dishes.  The choice of food should be appropriate for the region and culture where the bride and groom belong.   For desserts, there are no strict rules to follow. Serve lots of ice cream along with some traditional food items so that everyone can soothe their taste buds after feasting on the spicy main course.

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