The Drama of the Hindu Weddings – How to deal with it?

The Drama of the Hindu Weddings – How to deal with it?

A wedding day is supposed to be a beautiful day filled with moments that you can cherish as sweet memories for life. But it is hardly so when it comes to a Hindu wedding. There are so many demands to be fulfilled, rituals to be completed, and arrangements to be done for that one day to go as expected.

When compared to the other weddings, Hindu weddings are full of drama. Whether it is a lavish wedding you have planned or a simple traditional wedding, you will always be hit by the “What-will-people-think” syndrome that is going to cause you a lot of stress and exhaustion. If you can deal with that there is nothing you need to worry about as long as you follow a few steps in the right way.

Finding the Right Venue

The preparations for a Hindu wedding start with finding a venue. This of course depends on the number of people you are inviting and the kind of budget you have in mind. But with so many weddings happening, it is quite a challenge to find the right venue that matches your requirements perfectly.

Making the arrangements

Once you have decided on a venue and paid up the advance, the next thing you need to do is book a priest, a caterer, a photographer, and a decorator. The list may be longer if the wedding is going to be an elaborate affair. Nevertheless, this is generally the easy part of organizing a wedding.

The invites

Your next step is to start making a list of people who are to be invited for the wedding (leaving out a couple of them could turn out to be a costly mistake irrespective of which side you are on).

The world has come a long way towards becoming digital; yet there are lots of people who expect to be invited the traditional way – you have to visit them and invite them cordially with a formal invitation and maybe a gift with sweets. Now how you will find time for this in your busy schedule is something you will have to figure out.


Shopping might seem to many as the fun part of the wedding. But it can be stressful, especially when you have a limited budget. The main purchases would include clothes and jewelry for the bride and the groom, clothes for their family members, and return gifts for people attending the wedding. Pleasing everyone while making sure you stay within your budget is not going to be an easy task.

Sailing through the wedding day

The wedding day when most of your friends and family members come to shower their blessings on the couple is not going to be easy either. Your tasks on this day include transportation, boarding and lodging for the Groom’s family, welcome drinks, sumptuous meals, and thoughtful return gifts for the guests, and entertainment arrangements if any, to make sure your guests have those precious smiles on their faces when they leave the venue.

Now you can make most of these things easier by hiring a wedding planner. Have a check list ready and make sure you write down details of all things you may need. Keep the communication going with the wedding planner and make sure everything is organized before-hand. There is going to be a lot of drama; but if you are well-prepared you can still have your share of fun while being an integral part of it.

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