Thambula In Bangalore

Wedding Thambula in Bangalore, Marriage Thamboolam in Bangalore

Starts at Rs 28 per Thambula


1. Medium Sized Coconut (Thambula Sized)

2. Thambula Bag including printing

3. Betel leaves and nuts

4. Delivered to the wedding hall with complete packing of the Thambula

Additional items can be included at additional cost such as:


– Kumkum/Haldi Pack

– Blouse Piece, Ganesha Idols, etc

– Puri Unde and Chakkali, etc

For Thambula/Thamboolam Call Kumar/08046502025



Thambula or Thamboolam is typically a tradition in most South Indian lunch/dinner functions. Thambula in Bangalore or Thamboolam in Bangalore is generally offered to guests in a function after a meal; after a reception dinner as an example. Thambula or Thamboolam is a set of few items which carry a symbolic meaning. Thambula or Thamboolam usually comprises of a Thambula bag or a Thamboolam bag which contains a medium sized coconut, 2 betel leaves and betel nuts. Much like every other tradition or ritual, even Thambula or Thamboolam has also seen certain changes or evolution with time.

For e.g. for a Wedding Thambulam in Bangalore or Wedding Thambula in Bangalore, hosts of weddings offer a number of other items along with Thambula or Thamboolam. Here are some examples of items that are added along with Thambula or Thamboolam:
– Sweets and fried snacks such as ‘Puri Unde’ and ‘Chakkali’
– Small idols of Ganesha
– Blouse pieces with silk borders
– A thank you card for visiting the function

As people hosting weddings are on a constant endeavor to impress their guests further, more and more items get added to the Thambula or Thamboolam lists. As the demand for this tradition grows, there is a large community of small businesses which cater to this requirement offering from variety of Thambula bag designs or Thamboolam bag designs to coconut traders who offer discounted pricing since the requirement of these thambulas or thamboolams are usually in hundreds. also offers quality Thambula or Thamboolam in Bangalore at affordable prices. This service is being offered to our customers to make sure our wedding customers now have one less thing to worry about during their wedding day.

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