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Photo Booth Rental Bangalore

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Looking to Rent a Photo Booth for your wedding in Bangalore? Look no further! We have made an exhaustive list of all the Photo Booth Rental Service in available in Bangalore along with the price, user testimonials, contact details and more. Before we get into the list, for the ones who are new to the concept, let’s dive in and find out how renting a photo booth for your wedding can add some serious fun to your wedding event.

Here is an Ezine Article that you will find worth your while reading:

Your wedding is the most important day of your life. And this day is the best one to take some great photos of you and your partner. If you want to take amazing photos on the big day, it’s a good idea to hire a good photo booth. You will get many snaps of all the people present at the wedding. Given below are some tips to help you choose the best photo booth.

Closed vs open air booths

In a closed photo booth, the guests have to step inside. You can find these boxes in shopping malls. Since they are simple and easy to use, they are still used at weddings. This booth is self-contained and appears neat in the room. However, the downside is that they are heavy and can cost a lot to transport from one location to another.

The open-air type, on the other hand, can be easily transported. You can install it anywhere provided there is enough space. So, you can go for the right one based on your needs.

Picture quality

As far as the picture quality is concerned, the closed photo type don’t offer high quality pictures. The problem is that most of these boxes use webcam to take photos. Another problem is that the lighting is poor. On the other hand, the other type uses DSLR cameras to take professional quality photos. For lighting, a professional studio flash is used. As a result, the image quality is the highest.


The open-air type offers a host of backdrop option. As a matter of fact, the majority of companies offer a wide range of backdrops to help you choose one that can meet your needs. However, it’s important to keep in mind that the closed booths may not offer that many options as far as backdrops is concerned.


The closed photo booths don’t offer a lot of space inside them. So, if there are a lot of people, they will look like they are stuffed inside the room. On the other hand, the modern type offers a relatively bigger backdrop. Therefore, many people can stand together for the photo shoot.


Make sure there is enough room for the photo booth installation. To give you an idea, most of the booths need an area of 3×3 meters. Therefore, it’s very important to choose a place where the thing can be installed. So, choosing a good area is important.

DIY photo booth

If hiring a good photo booth is not an option for you, we suggest that you follow the DIY route. In other words, you can design your own based on your needs. Crafting a handmade backdrop is easy. Plus, you can use a Polaroid camera. The quality won’t be high but at least you have something to have fun with the guests.

So, if you are going to hire a photo booth for your wedding day, we suggest that you follow the advice and tips given in this article. This will help you avoid making the wrong choice.

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List of Photo Booth Rental Service in Bangalore


No C 2 402, Poetree Apartment, Kasavanahalli, Bangalore – 560035

Mobile Number: 9152388291


Manam Booth Bangalore 

5th Cross, 2nd Main, HAL 2nd Stage, New Thippasandra, Bangalore – 560075

Mobile Number: 9666555562

Picnomics Photo Booth 

205, jc serene, Doddakannelli, Bangalore – 560035, yamlur post

Mobile Number: 9663172104

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White Houzz

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White Houzz – Check Cost & Availability


White Houzz is one luxurious wedding halls located in HSR Layout, near BDA Complex Sector 6. White Houzz can accommodate 650 seating to 1000 floating guests. To find out the pricing and availability of this wedding hall, please call +919731967425, +919886011675 right now.

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Reception Halls in Bangalore

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Reception Halls in Bangalore

I will take you through a journey of Reception Halls in Bangalore. After all set for your precious day in life as entering into the world of relationship where you are going to meet your soulmate and you wanted that moment to be captured by your family members, relatives and friends. To make it true, you need a function hall, reception hall, banquet hall or wedding and reception of your dear & near ones or any get-togethers are around the corner then you can think of ultra modern luxurious Reception Halls in Bangalore that can cater to all your needs.

Reception Halls in Bangalore are often found within pubs, clubs, hotels, or restaurants. As we all need some specifications for the matter of Reception halls that we are so much worried about the space, accommodation, catering, decorations, Infrastructure, parking and other services.

When it comes to Reception Halls in Bangalore, each halls has their own set of specifications, rules and unique decorations which always leads your day into more fanciful.

Things to consider while looking for Reception Halls in Bangalore

First we need to know some needed details regarding Wedding reception halls in Bangalore, First one is the

Availability: If you are planning to check in for an Engagement hall or Reception halls in Bangalore, Make sure that no other event is booked on the day of your wedding reception or Engagement because some of the big name Banquet Halls in Bangalore have arranged 2 to 3 weddings on daily so check if the hall is available based on your requirements on your wedding date.

Special Packages By Reception Halls in Bangalore: Many Banquet Halls in Bangalore do not allow third party vendors. Instead, they offer various packages that will include catering, decoration and other related arrangements.

Budget Issues: Make sure that you also inquire about budget ahead of time and check if special packages will fit your budget or not. Many of the Reception halls in Bangalore have their own portfolios. Ask for their portfolio to have a clearer idea of the decoration that you will get and  they will take your burden entirely on their shoulders by taking care of every minute detail for you that is from lighting, music to the cuisine and even the decorations of your choice to suit the occasion and the thrill of our beautiful landscaped surroundings.

Infrastructure: There are wide range of Reception Halls in Bangalore  when it comes to the matter of Infrastructure with thatched roofs, open structures, natural light flowing in, recyclable materials, peerless hospitality only you need to select the best one for your best day.

luxurious : If you are looking more into luxurious or When you say luxury, you can definitely opt with AC interior Halls and with enticing dining halls and fully private privacy, Few luxurious Banquet Halls in Bangalore are there to fulfill your requirements.

Traditional Touch: If you are looking for a venue that can give you a fully traditional touch which makes your day with fully blessed, There are professional people are working in Bangalore Reception Halls where they will take you to the world of Heavens in the terms of decorations with traditional touches.

Good, Better and Best: Reception Halls in Bangalore  are always Good, Better and Best when it comes to the matter of space, accommodation, catering, decorations, Infrastructure, parking and other services they always give their 100% in the commitment to fulfill your wishes and to make your day.

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Christian Weddings In Bangalore – Tips And Pointers

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Christian weddings in bangalore

Wedding Cake

After the Bangalore wedding ceremony is over then the partying begins.  It is your reception and one of the big events is that you cut your cake. Here are three tips on selecting a wedding cake.

  • There are always new trends in wedding cakes.  Look through some bridal magazines to get some wedding cake ideas.  You don’t have to settle for the traditional white vanilla cake with heavy white frosting. All that matters is that the wedding cake tastes and looks good.
  • At least two months before your wedding, take your ideas to a Bangalore area bakery that has a cake designer on staff.  Good wedding cake designers are in demand and get booked very quickly.
  • Include the groom in choosing cake decorations. Usually most of the wedding planning is left to the bride, but thinking up ideas for cake decorations can be really fun for the bride and groom to do together.

Bridal Gown

Shopping for your bridal gown is an essential part of preparing for your wedding in Bangalore. Here are some tips to do it right.

  • Buy your gown from a Bangalore area bridal shop.  You want to actually see and touch your wedding dress before you buy it, so shopping online for your gown doesn’t make any sense.
  • Start shopping at least two months before your wedding day.  If the bridal shop has to order the gown you’ve chosen you’ll need that much time, especially if alterations are needed.
  • Have an idea of what you want before you shop. You can get a very general idea of the different types of gowns by looking through bridal magazines. Then, move on to surfing the Internet; there are hundreds of Web sites where you can view wedding gowns.  But remember that you are not buying online – you are only looking at different styles.
  • When researching, cut out (or print if using the Internet) pictures of the bridal gowns you like.  On the back of each, write down what you like about that gown. Take the pictures with you when shopping so you tell the sales person at the bridal shop.

Reception Venue

The best Bangalore wedding reception sites book up fast, so choose and reserve one early in your wedding planning.  Here are tips on how to choose a great Bangalore wedding reception location.

  • First impressions are important.  If you don’t like a place the first time you visit it, move on and continue your search.
  • Make sure the venue is large enough, taking into account not just the number of your guests, but also the band or DJ stage, the dance floor, and a place for the wedding cake.
  • Parking is a big concern. If you find a great venue except it has insufficient parking for all your guests, then you have to find a place close where your guests can park.
  • Lighting can influence the overall feel of the reception, so make sure the venue is well lit. Light sets the overall mood, so make sure you see the entire reception area lit during your walk through.
  • Ask how much you have to pay up front.  You should never pay more than fifty percent of the total rental cost up front.  Before you put a deposit down, get a written statement of their refund policy


Reserve a limousine for your Bangalore wedding shortly after you’ve chosen a date and a location for your wedding.  Here are five tips to help you when hiring a limo for your Bangalore wedding.

  • Find out what make and model is the limousine you’re renting. Make sure this information is in any contract or rental agreement you sign.  You don’t want a limousine from an old fleet.
  • Ask whether the rental charges include the driver’s gratuity and drinks you pour from the bar that comes with the limousine.

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Wedding Planners in Bangalore – Wedding venue

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Wedding Planners in Bangalore

Wedding venue’s are one of the most important thing on your wedding day and other related functions like engagement, reception etc. When you start planning the wedding event first thing is to find a wedding venue you may want a small venue for your reception, engagement and wedding day or a big one whatever the matter it’s important that you should find the right spot for you and which suits you as planned. Wedding Planners in Bangalore have the large list of wedding halls, convention centres etc from those list you can easily find out the one that you need.

Wedding Planners in Bangalore have some tips for you on this.

Size of the wedding venue

When you select the place it’s important that you should check the size of the place because when you see an empty place you will think that it will enough for you but when we put chairs, tables, buffet dance floor and other decoration it may take lots of space that may affect you wedding. You should consult with Wedding Planners in Bangalore because they are well experienced in conducting marriage so they know all these things so they can easily plan and suggest you the best place for you.

Decorating the venue

Finding a venue is not the last thing in that process decorating the place is another issue you need good decorator, for this you can ask for the help of Wedding Planners in Bangalore they know best decorators around the city.

Wedding reception is an important event related to wedding if you select place like hotels you should take care of security and privacy of your function because may be other functions conducted there, Wedding Planners in Bangalore can organize it for you.


When you select a wedding hall your big problem is your budget, Wedding Planners in Bangalore can solve that problem they have Wedding venue that will be in your budget.


If you select open space for your reception you have to take care about weather. A bad Weather may ruin your event Wedding Planers in Bangalore can organize your event without affected by bad weather.

Visit your wedding Venue

Visit your wedding venue before the function to check out everything is okay, Wedding Planners in Bangalore can arrange a meeting with the wedding hall managers.

In summary

Wedding venue is important place that have to be carefully selected for your wedding. It should have enough space and every amenity that you want and it should be in your budget. Wedding Planners in Bangalore are best option you got for this job.

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Wedding Planners in Bangalore – Why You Need a Wedding Planner?

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Wedding Planners in Bangalore

When you plan your wedding there are lots of things to arrange and planned and big city like Bangalore, it will be very hard job to find out what you need. You may go for the advice of your friends and family, but the problems is that they may not so sure about the details you want. Wedding Planners in Bangalore have all you want they have right information about wedding venue, catering, decorations etc .

Here we have some points why you need Wedding Planners in Bangalore.

Wedding is a very special event in your life when you prepare for that as usual there will be lots of ideas, opinions, trends and some confusion over your budget. Wedding planners in Bangalore have done lots of wedding, and have enough experience in wedding and other related ceremony so the know how to advice you in right way.

Wedding Planners in Bangalore can help you out from confusions by your family and friends for example ,one of your close relatives and friends may say that you can wear sari or do a makeup that they prefer but the problem is that it may be not trendy or doesn’t suits you. Wedding planners in Bangalore can help you to solve these kinds of problems.

Wedding is an event in which lots of money have to be spend so you will be much worried about your budget .You have to spend money on wedding venue, decorations, catering etc .for all thee thing there are lots of peoples out there but you don’t have any idea about how much they cost. You can easily negotiate and submit your budget to Wedding Planners in Bangalore; they can make your function far better than you expected and within your budget.

Stress is big factor on your wedding. You will be worried about how to take care of your guests, worried about your decorations, catering and your biggest stress factor is budget. Wedding Planners in Bangalore can easily fix all this problems they are very much experienced and best in industry.

Coordination is a big issue on your wedding, you don’t get the time to coordinate and if any of your family members take the coordinate the event it’s a risky job for that person Wedding Planners in Bangalore can help the one who coordinates the function and reduce his work and make the event wonderful without any problems

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Wedding planners in Bangalore – Have Fun in Your Reception

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Wedding Planners in Bangalore

In India wedding are most celebrated one, but celebrations are not only in wedding day there are other events take place before and after wedding one of them is wedding reception, it’s held after the wedding day .India  is the land of diversity, it have rich culture and heritage. Wedding ceremonies differ from religion to religion but wedding reception doesn’t have any special custom and rituals. Wedding reception is important in wedding event. Usually in wedding reception it’s not about dancing and has food, but this reception event should be an unforgettable evening of fun and entertainment, mainly music and nonstop dancing. There is something you should take care about that your guests should be entertained. It’s a tough job and finding affordable ways to keep them entertained is though so Wedding Planners in Bangalore are there for you . You are preparing for your wedding for months so here some idea’s for you to make it memorable and keep it in your budget.

How to make your Reception Unforgettable;

Wedding reception is the first event in which the couple appear together after the wedding, where they get blessed by guests and receives gifts. You have lots of guests  attending on your wedding keeping everyone entertained is important it’s an event where family and friend’s all gather together so give care to have them fun and entertainment. Wedding Planners in Bangalore have lots of people who are expert in that job.

Sometimes wedding take place in temples and other venue where all of your relatives, friends and your known one’s can’t attend so you plan for a reception but it’s make you more stressful because wedding reception may be in the same day of your wedding so that sometimes you can’t easily  coordinate the event. Wedding Planners in Bangalore have an important role on that; they can easily take care of your reception.

One of the important thing in the wedding reception is that have good food; Wedding Planners in Bangalore have the list of best catering service in Bangalore.

Dance and music are unavoidable in wedding reception these days there are DJ parties and other modern trends are available, Wedding planners in Bangalore can find them for you.

Wedding reception can be done in small cost to high cost according to your budget; Wedding Planners in Bangalore can plan it for you.

For wedding reception most of the people select open spaces such as garden, hotels, farm house and wedding halls. If you select open spaces you should take care of weather, a bad weather can ruin your wedding reception so check for the weather, Wedding Planners in Bangalore can check it for you and give you correct suggestions.

Select correct space for you; don’t go for a big place while you have less number of guests. In a big city like Bangalore it’s very hard to find correct place. Wedding planners in Bangalore have much list of place so you can easily select the correct place for you just give them information about your requirement.

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Wedding Planners in Bangalore – Communicate with your Wedding Planner

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Wedding Planners in Bangalore

Wedding Planners in Bangalore will be the best option you get all over in Bangalore, but it’s important that you have to communicate with them in proper time this will help you out to make your wedding perfect. Like all other relationship, you have to make a good relationship with Wedding Planners in Bangalore that helps everything run smoothly.

There are lots of stages from your planning to actual wedding day, and you have to meet and deals with lots vendors like – your venue, caterer, photographer, decorator etc,Wedding Planners in Bangalore can arrange all of them for you, isn’t that great? . There will be lots of instructions and suggestions from your vendors also you have lots of suggestions and expectations for them too, so there is some chances that you can miss some details and small things that can make a great changes in your wedding. You have to keep a good communication with them so that you don’t miss anything and it helps to run your function smoothly and easily.

Here some tips for you to keep good communication with your Wedding Planners in Bangalore:

1) Keep good notes on details about your vendors like contact number, company name, email address and names of the persons, be sure that you keep them together so you can easily find it when you need. If you keep it different place, it will be difficult for you to find it in right time.Wedding Planners in Bangalore have all the contacts you want.

2) If you don’t have much time to meet everyone it’s easy to communicate through email because they can easily send enough data you need and can send details about their previous works and etc. These days’ communications through social media and email is a great way to communicate fast and saves time. Wedding Planners in Bangalore have enough details about your vendors the can easily pass it to you.

3) Designate correct Wedding planners in Bangalore to communicate with vendors for example in your wedding You may have contribution about the makeup and decorations, and your family may have suggestions about catering ant other details so you make sure that you got communicate with your bridal makeup artist and your family get connected with caterer and others which  can coordinated by Wedding Planners in Bangalore

4) Meet every vendor at least once to make sure that everything is going as you expected and planned it may be difficult but you have to do that. Wedding Planners in Bangalore can do that for you they make opportunity to meet everyone.

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Wedding Venues in Bangalore – Notes

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Wedding Venues in Bangalore

Bangalore wedding industry has been showing tremendous growth. We can see the growth all over the fields related to wedding like wedding venue, Bridal Make-up, Photography, Decorations, Catering etc. Some new trends are adapted to each fields like there are candid and canvera in photography and in decorations now the days having vintage cars, photo booths, decorated chairs and tables, centre pieces are the new trends. Catering have some impressive changes people are now interested in having other food styles in their marriage rather than traditional style. Wedding venues in Bangalore have the most interesting changes there are some modern trends in wedding venues they have changed from traditional marriage halls to venues which have most modern facilities.

Wedding Venues In BangaloreIn old times a common marriage hall layout was having a large hall with kitchen facility and room for bride and groom but now marriage hall design have been changed a lot. Bangalore got some most modern wedding venue which has lots of facilities like Banquet halls, Party halls, Air conditioned halls, Convention halls, Outdoor wedding venues and Garden wedding Venues in Bangalore.

Wedding Venues In Bangalore: Alternate Options

Wedding planners in Bangalore have all sorts of wedding venues in Bangalore also they have list of outdoor wedding venues, reception halls and hotels with banquet halls in Bangalore. Wedding ceremonies have huge changes also they have changes in other related functions for example engagement and receptions these are important events related to wedding.

Hotels are becoming one of the popular wedding venues in Bangalore for hosting wedding, reception and engagement they are luxury venues. There some advantages for selecting hotels because they can take care of almost everything on your event like catering, entertainment, decorations etc; Bangalore has superb hotels with banquet halls and outdoor wedding space

Wedding Venues In Bangalore: Outdoor Options

Outdoor wedding venues are latest trends they are natural themed place where you will surly get some fresh ambiance also you feel much calm and stress free. Outdoor venue can provide lots natural scenery, lights and sounds.  But Weather is an important role in these events; a bad weather can ruin everything. It will be a different experience to be married in an outdoor venue like Hotel lawns, garden wedding place and Farmhouse a etc. Most of the people like to have their reception in outdoor venues it will give them very cool ambiance and guest will get some easy Bangalore got best outdoor venues around.

Having wedding venue alone can’t make it a gorgeous place you have to need best decorations also to make it beautiful where ever you set your eyes on, the venue  decorations makes it appear more and more beautiful. So the next you are looking for wedding venues in Bangalore, you will want to consider the number of things we have mentioned in this article. Good luck finding that Bangalore wedding venue.

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Banquet Halls in Bangalore

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Banquet halls are becoming an important part in wedding, wedding reception, wedding engagement and other functions like corporate meetings, family gathering and small celebration. There are lots of banquet halls in Bangalore, these days Banquet Halls are widely used as wedding venues. Bangalore banquet halls are made their place in Bangalore wedding venues. Wedding planners in Bangalore have enough list of banquet halls in Bangalore from that list you can select banquet halls for wedding, reception and other events

A Banquet hall is available within a hotel or resort etc. Banquet halls have catering facility within it; usually banquet halls are small which can hold a small number of guests. You can select the Banquet Halls nearby in Bangalore by the help of wedding planners in Bangalore.

Select the Banquet hall that suits for your event.

If your event is a small one and if you don’t have the time to plan your event, like you can select a banquet hall for Birthday parties, wedding reception etc then banquet halls are best option for you because they can arrange everything for you including catering.

Consider what kind of function you are planning

There are formal and personal events. Formal Events are usually corporate event, Award ceremony etc, for these kinds of functions there are lots of changes from a personal event for example the decorations, it’s entirely different from a personal function also the catering and the whole theme of the function. In a personal event things are more casual. You have to check what type of catering they offer like you may like traditional type of food or may be other styles so make sure that they can provide that which you prefer.

Check your Venue

You should check your venue make sure that it have enough parking space for all your guests and check the space of the event because  in some events there will be entertainment programs and separate space for dinning and sitting so you should be sure about your requirements

Check the budget

You have to select the best banquet hall that is within your budget. Banquet halls have some advantages for example if you don’t have to worry about the catering because they provide best catering for you some of the banquet halls provide beverages too.  You can select a Banquet hall in Bangalore which will be in your budget with help of wedding planners in Bangalore. Most of the Banquet halls in Bangalore provide some additional features like speakers, microphones, laser shows, etc

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Why Online Marriage Hall Booking

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It’s a good question! Why you book marriage hall through online? Bangalore is one of the big cities in India and the city got best Wedding Venues in India. Finding the correct Wedding Venue in Bangalore will be a tough job for you, if you go to find out by yourself. You need help from a Online Wedding Hall Booking website, Wedding  Planners in Bangalore is the best choice for you they have a list of Wedding Venues In Bangalore including Wedding Reception Banquet Halls, Temple Wedding Venues, Outdoor Wedding Venues, Palace Wedding Venues, Convention Halls, Ac Marriage Halls In Bangalore etc. You can easily select Best Wedding Venues in Bangalore from their online website.

There are hundreds of marriage halls in Bangalore and finding a hall which in your requirement is like finding a “Needle in haystack” you will face lots of confusions like, is the place is enough to accommodate your guests ,Is there enough space for parking  and the cost for the venue  is in your budget. If you do marriage hall booking Online then these problems will be solved and Wedding Planners in Bangalore is best in there service  they can help you out to solve these confusions.

Online Venue booking is not always for wedding there are other functions rather than wedding sometimes people may search place for pre/post marriage functions like engagement, reception or other personal/formal events like corporate events, award ceremony, naming ceremony, birthday parties etc, for small functions like naming ceremony, birthday celebrations, wedding anniversary, corporate meetings you don’t need big place. Banquet Halls or party halls may be enough for you there are lots hotels with banquet halls In Bangalore with the help of Wedding Planners in Bangalore can help you with that.

Online Wedding venue booking site offers lots of facility for the users so you will able to search easily and find correct venue for you. It’s hard to search marriage halls In Bangalore with rates but Wedding Planners in Bangalore will give you the details of the venue within your budget also you can enquire about the payment policy’s etc .The online website will give details about Wedding Venue also they will help you out to find the details of decorators, catering service, photography, bridal make-up, musical events.

Booking your wedding hall though an online website will save your money and time and most of all it reduce your stress.




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Changing Trends in Indian Wedding

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India is becoming a powerful economic giant also there is huge revolution happening around information technology field. India have a great culture among all countries, we have unique customs and rituals. These days we have fast development over every field. We can see lots of changes in our every part of life. Wedding Ceremonies are one of the most celebrated events in India also the pre and post events like engagement, wedding reception etc. Marriage function has become the one of the most revolutionised area; there are drastic changes in our wedding ceremonies. These days we are very much interested in coping western culture and their trends we can observe these changes in our marriage ceremonies and other related functions like reception, engagement etc.

Our society is too conservative but these days there is lots of changes happening around specially in marriage functions like few years back parents were selecting life partner for their children but these days youngsters are finding their life partner by them self and young people get into good jobs and they earns enough money, they can take care of expense for their marriage by them self.

Youngster’s plan their wedding them self but most of them get help from a wedding planners or event management organiser because even though they spent money in their wedding they still don’t have much ideas about customs, rituals and other things to be organised like they don’t have any idea on Wedding Venue Prices, best Wedding Venues available nearby, decorations, bridal makeup, catering, photography etc.

Now the present time some peoples like to have their wedding in modern style but still most of them like traditional way, some of them are trying to bring both traditional and modern trends to their wedding ceremony. Present day’s youngsters like to have their wedding in unique way, they try to make the event special like they Select Banquet Hall for their reception and have DJ music and dance party and go for other entertainment etc. But they don’t know how much these things cost and how can they find affordable ways to adjust the budget most of them spent their money without thinking.

There is another trend is upcoming, people select certain destinations for their wedding like Tourist spots, Famous hotels, Resorts, Beaches etc. India is famous for tourist spots we have beautiful places like Goa, Kashmir, Shimla, Bangalore, Kerala and Rajasthan etc.




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Wedding Planners in Bangalore – Why To Hire

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Wedding Planners in Bangalore

Your wedding planners in Bangalore could make or pretty much break your ‘D’ day of the wedding . This individual or sometimes a group of people assume a key part, if deployed to plan your wedding. In the event that you can manage the cost of the administrations yourself, you may discover the venture to be truly inestimable! Despite the fact that they’re not all the same, a lion’s share are educated in the craft of arranging your exceptional day and making your dreams happen as intended.

Why should you consider hiring wedding planners in Bangalore

Getting things going on your own could end up being an enormous and overwhelming assignment for the weak of heart. Contingent upon the assention you have with your wedding planners in Bangalore, it could incorporate a moron verification bundle, or select parts of your wedding, for example, planning, choice of wedding clothing types, finding and securing sellers and so on.

Contrary to well known supposition, employing a planner may keep you inside plan. Because of the connections these merchants have officially encouraged other wedding sellers, they’re acquainted with seller costs and in that capacity work for you to keep your expenses as a base, while guaranteeing the best quality. Securing the administrations of wedding planner would guarantee your well deserved dollars are used in the right territories relying upon the look and feel of your expected wedding. Your wedding planner may have the capacity to distinguish and diagram a mixture of efficiencies exceptional to even the most sharp spouse.

Empowering your wedding planner to act in your ability would positively go to decrease your anxiety levels and upgrade your wedding day experience. Your wedding planner would encourage your choice -making in the determination of sellers, for example, your camera person, videographer, flower vendor, make-up craftsman and so on. Going about as an asset and giving skill where vital, your merchant can prescribe merchants that would suit your taste and plan.

Not just would your wedding planners in Bangalore arrange the arranging and arrangement of occasions for your wedding, this individual will additionally guide out all the logistics for the wedding day itself. From limo transportation starting with one area then onto the next, and making a course of events, your occasion planner’s part would simplicity the stream of occasions from starting to end.

In specific disagreeable circumstances, your wedding planner may go about as a nonpartisan gathering between the spouse and prep and varying families. This individual, would apparently be a destination voice when info is needed before a choice is made, particularly when managing extra costs or needs.

Some of the most stunning wedding were assembled by wedding planners in Bangalore on a funding. You could conceivably wind up with a ravishing wedding and not need to burn up all available resources on account of aptitude and savoir-faire of wedding planners in Bangalore and this could bring about your dream wedding working out as expected.

This incorporates the weight with the wedding arranging process and subtle elements, getting your wedding dress, securing the vital documentation and the schedule goes on. The weight of needing to manage sellers and guaranteeing they do as obliged, sustenance dissentions, and the obligation of managing visitors are all exchanged to your wedding planner.

Your Bangalore wedding planner will guarantee all contractual commitments are met and by guaranteeing that all merchants do what they’re obliged to do on your wedding day.

Working in close correspondence with other wedding services vendors, you wedding arrangement is forward on the most recent styles and patterns the extent that weddings are concerned. New designs could incorporate anything from dresses to tuxedos, hairdos and make-up. Having clever wedding planners in Bangalore would encourage your information of such new forms and styles which you could exploit.

You revel in your unique day realizing that you have somebody set up to deal with any inevitability.

More or less, in the event that you can stand to contract wedding planner in Bangalore, it would be of most extreme profit to you, your companion and your families. On the off chance that you can’t manage the cost of the included cost, I have arranged a 12-month all-incorporating wedding arranging check rundown which you or somebody you know may discover may valuable.

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Banquet Halls in Bangalore

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Search From 400 Banquet Halls in Bangalore


Looking for Banquet Halls in Bangalore Or Reception Halls in Bangalore? You will find the Best AC Banquet Halls in Bangalore for Reception, Engagement, Birthday along with Availability, Food Menu & Packages, Price/Cost/ Rate, Rating & Reviews & more here. Here is a list of 400 Banquet Halls in Bangalore. has all the Banquet or Receptions halls in Bangalore listed in one place for you. Bangalore Banquet Halls are conveniently located across different parts of Bangalore catering to every type of event from birthday parties to marriage receptions.

Helpline For 400 Banquet Halls In Bangalore

Call 080-46502050

Most of these Banquet halls in Bangalore can comfortably accommodate parties of about 500 guests to 2000 guests. Needless to mention a majority of these banquet halls are air conditioned and offer spacious places. Some of these Bangalore banquet halls even have pool side arrangements for your parties.

The Banquet halls in Bangalore are ideal for banquet events in Bangalore. Most of these Bangalore banquet halls accommodate functions of over 500 people. Each of these rooms provide features and super flexibility including direct phone lines and compatibility with computers.  Whether it is for a small private party of 25 guests for an engagement party or a large gala event such as a wedding reception party, most of these spacious ballrooms truly provide the right space for every type of event.

Almost all of these Bangalore Banquet halls have outstanding video conferencing and AV facilities to make your event a super success. While technical equipment alone don’t make your event complete, experienced, qualified and highly professional convention services employees and staff offer very high personal attention that every event requires regardless of the size of your event.

So if you are looking for Banquet Halls in Bangalore, then you know where to start looking. Also note that most of the Bangalore Banquet halls we have listed on this section have been reviewed by our wedding venues team in Bangalore. We look into every aspect of the hall and review every service they offer to ensure our users who are looking to hire these banquet halls in Bangalore do not have to encounter any issues during their events.

List of Banquet Halls in Bangalore

Bangalore Banquet HallsContact NumberAreaAddress
Royal Orchid Resort Banquet Hall Bangalore080 2856 0668YelahankaAllalasandra, Bellary Road, Yelahanka, Near Jakkur Flying Club, Bangalore - 560065
Hotel Nandhini Banquet Hall Bangalore26914933, 26624444, 26627363, 43411124, 43411123Lalbagh114/ 2, Lalbagh Fort Road, Minerva Circle, Bangalore - 560001
Evoma Banquet Hall Bangalore91 80 4190 3000K R Puram14, Bhattarahalli, Near Garden City College, Old Madras Road, K R Puram, Bangalore - 560049
Chairman's Club & Resort Banquet Hall Bangalore91-80-40703703, 23546162,91-9980269978Sahakar Nagar14/ 1, Kodigehalli Main Road, Chairmans Club Resort, Sahakar Nagar, Bangalore - 560092
Elim Resorts Banquet Hall Bangalore91 80 2843 3160, 91 96326 62976, 96322 66417Netegere175, Netegere Village, Bollare Post, Bangalore - 560069
Park Field Resotel Banquet Hall BangaloreK R Puram49 & 50, Survay No 191, 1st Floor, Hoodi Nagappa Layout, Basavanna Narag Road, Hoodi Village, KR Puram, Hobli, Bangalore - 560048
Fortune Select Trinity Banquet Hall Bangalore91-80-40200200, 91-80-39884444 WhitefieldNo. 134 - 136, EPIP Area, Road No. 1, Whitefield,, Bangalore - 560066
Octave Hotel & Spa Banquet Hall Bangalore91 7676 555 222, 91 8039 902 400, 91 8861 005 826, 91 9611 786 421Sarjapura Road14 Kaikondanahalli Village, Sarjapura Road, (Next to Total Mall), Bangalore - 560035
Hotel Ramanashree Banquet Hall Bangalore91 80 40400900,Quick Contact: +91 - 80950 - 22225YelahankaRamanashree California Resort, Ananthapura Gate, Doddaballapur Road, Yelahanka, Bangalore - 560064
Esteem Convention Centre Banquet Hall Bangalore080 41731555, 09341270220 / 9341987194 HebbalT-17, T-18 & T-19, THIRD FLOOR, ESTEEM MALL, HEBBAL, Bangalore - 560024
Claret Nivas Banquet Hall Bangalore9.448247236E9Sarjapura RoadCarmelaram post, sarjapur road, Bangalore - 560035
Sambhrama Function Hall Banquet Hall BangaloreT.C. PalyaAakula Narayana Reddy Layout, T.C. Palya Main Road Opp. Sri Chaitanya Techno School, Bangalore - 560016
Tulips Resort and Amusement Park Banquet Hall Bangalore 91 80882 44666, 91 96861 11746/747/748, 91 80 22421076 Bannerghatta Road18th KM, Kalkere, Bannerghatta Road,, Bangalore - 560018
Star Banquetes Banquet Hall Bangalore8.026539999E9JayanagarThe High Street, 62, 3rd Floor, 11th Main Road, 4th Block, Jayanagar, Bangalore - 560011
Raikars Function Hall Banquet Hall BangaloreR T Nagar1, 8TH CROSS , SANAH ULLAH LAY OUT, Near CHAITRA DARSHINI HOTEL SULTAN PALYA BUS STOP, RT NAGAR, Bangalore - 560032
Olde Bangalore Banquet Hall Bangalore91 80 28010100, 91 80 65657777, 91 80 65652222, 91 99029 01468 / 99029 00933ChikjalaTarabanahalli,Chikjala P.O., Bangalore - 562157
Lalitha Hall Banquet Hall Bangalore(080) 49153511JayanagarSri Shankar Arcade, 19, 2nd Floor, 27th Cross, 4th Block, Jayanagar, Bangalore - 560011
Crystal Castal Banquet Hall Bangalore91- 80-49008600,91 99000 58570J P Nagar5th-Phase, Bangalore - 560078
Green View Guest House Banquet Hall Bangalore8.022382743E9KoramangalaNo 21, NR 23rd CRS Ejipura, Koramangala, Bangalore - 560095
Sri Sai Party Hall Banquet Hall Bangalore098860 82909, 08026390485Jayanagar#1503 27 48th cross,4th T Block Jaya Nagar,, Bangalore - 560011
Carnival hotels Banquet Hall Bangalore080 4245 4000, 9880304000murugeshplya#102,skylark wind tunnel road murugeshplya, Bangalore - 560017
Trinity Isle Banquet Hall Bangalore91-80-4242 3737SheshadripuramSheshadripuram, Bangalore - 560003
Savoury Sea Shell Residency Banquet Hall Bangalore 91 80 49355500Bannerghatta Main Road# 10, Bhavani Layout, Bannerghatta Main Road, Next to Maruthi Sagar Automobiles, Bangalore - 560029
K R inn hotel Banquet Hall Bangalore080 3014 8500, 91 99 000 18426K R Puram#45,old madras road k.r.puram, 560036, Bangalore - 560036
Shrusti Residency Banquet Hall Bangalore08023509555/56Vijayanagar#39 39, Jai Munirao Circle, Agrahara Dasarahalli, Magadi Main Road, Vijaynagar, Bangalore - 560079
Confident Group Spa And Resort Banquet Hall Bangalore9590-959-959 BTM Layout4, Confident House, Seattle Towers, 100 Ft Road, BTM Layout, Bangalore - 560068
Vishnu Tent House Banquet Hall BangalorePeenyaNo.9, NR Laggere Bridge,NR Summanahalli Circle, Outer Ring RD, Peenya, Bangalore - 560058
Sai Krishna Party Hall Banquet Hall Bangalore8.026390485E9Banaswadi#57 IGN Towers 3rd floor Banaswadi main road Subbanayan palya, Bangalore - 560043
Vijay Residency Banquet Hall Bangalore080 2237 3722,GandhinagarNo. 18,IIIMainRoad,Gandhinagar., Bangalore - 560009
Cordial hotel Banquet Hall BangaloreGandhinagar68/1 s c road, near aanand rao circle, Bangalore - 560009
Hotel Red Mount Banquet Hall Bangalore094816 76335Cottonpet# 415/1, OTC Road, Cottonpet, Bangalore, Bangalore - 560053
Hotel pigeon international Banquet Hall Bangalore08042408801/99, 9845034553HALadj,HAL Airport arrival gate bangalore, Bangalore - 560017
S B Function Hall Banquet Hall BangalorePadarayanapuraNo.17, Near Sangam, 7TH Main Road, Padarayanapura, Bangalore - 560026
The Capitol Banquet Hall BangaloreRaj Bhavan RoadNo. 3,Raj Bhavan Road., Bangalore - 560001
GM rejoyz bangalore Banquet Hall Bangalore08023565395, 08023565396, 9900571399Malleshwaram #158/1 8th cross 8th main malleshwaram west , Bangalore - 560003
Bingo family restaurant Banquet Hall BangaloreMarathalli24 tech hotel,prestige technology park sarjapur -marathalli ring road bangalore, Bangalore - 560103
Karthik Banquet Hall Banquet Hall BangaloreBasavanagud#3 1, Rudraswamy Temple Street Basavanagudi,, Bangalore - 560004
Hotel Ekaa Banquet Hall BangaloreHosur RoadNo.52, Nr Kudlu Bus Stop, Hosur Mn Rd, Kudlu Gate, Hosur Road, Bangalore - 560068
Saiacs Ceo Centre Banquet Hall Bangalore 91-80-23681726-1727, 9743414336KothanurCEO Centre, Dodda Gubbi cross, Kothanur PO Box 7747., Bangalore - 560007
18 Woods Inn Banquet Hall Bangalorewood streetoff brigade road , opp brigade towers , wood street., Bangalore - 560035
Vivanta By Taj Banquet Hall Bangalore 080 6693 3333 WhitefieldITPB,Whitefield., Bangalore - 560066
Raaga Family Restaurant Banquet Hall Bangalore 080 25252189 / 25250235 / 25272755, 91 9845038059 / 9341217011 / 9886994531Indira Nagar3, CMH Road, Indira Nagar 2nd Stage, Bangalore - 560038
Ivy Rossa Banquet Hall Bangalore080 2843 9584Sarjapura RoadCarmelaram Post,Sarjapura Road., Bangalore - 560035
Ankit Vista Green Village Banquet Hall Bangalore80-3221 7775 / 0-93799 44819 NelamangalaMahadevapura Village, Nanda Gokula Nagar, Nr Cadbury's Factory, Kunigal road, NH48, Nelamangala,, Bangalore - 562111
Ivy unwind Island Banquet Hall BangaloreKadubeesanahallisarjapur marathali opp prestige tech park , kadubeesanahalli, Bangalore - 560087
Nandhana Hotels Banquet Hall Bangalore080 41858299 , 91 98 4535 9983 , 91 98 4525 9942 Koramangala#84, 5th block koramangala near bharat matrimony officce , Bangalore - 560065
Palm Meadows Banquet Hall Bangalore8.0305146E9RamagondanahalliRamagondanahalli, Bangalore - 560066
Chillipepiper Banquet Hall BangaloreK R PuramK.r Puram ring road, Bangalore - 560037
Ramee Banquet Hall Bangalore91-080-2289 8500 / 09945 536718, AttibelePlot No. 1 2,KIADB Industrial Area,Attibele, Bangalore - 562107
Olive cafe Banquet Hall BangaloreSanjay nagarsanjay nagar near SBM bank, Bangalore - 560032
Aagaman Banquet Hall Bangalore91 9742486665Indiranagar#545 ,3rd floor ,cmh road ,indiranagar, banaglore, Bangalore - 560038
The Tamera Banquet Hall Bangalore229, 9th main 5th block, Bangalore - 560041
Emerald Heights Banquet Hall BangalorePalace RoadPrincess Academy, Palace Road,, Bangalore - 560080
Pingara Family Restaurant Banquet Hall Bangalore(080) 25631601koramangala#168 , 7th main , koramangala 1st block , -34, Bangalore - 560034
Frontier Management Centre Banquet Hall Bangalore080 2531 6170Hoysala Nagar1-8, 3rd Main, Hoysala Nagar, Ramamurthy Extension, Bangalore, Bangalore - 560016
The Orchard Banquet Hall Bangalore099006 44777#15,sankey road next to shell petrol pump, Bangalore - 560080
Royal Orchid Resort Convention Centre Banquet Hall Bangalore080 2856 0668, 99 0200 0126YelahankaNear Jakkur Flying Club, Allasandra, Bellary Road, Yelahanka, Bangalore - 560064
Pramodatma Banquet Hall Bangalore(91)-80-41633173, (91)-9342160524chikkalsandraNo.1, Nr Brigade Residency, 5th Mn, 6th Crs, Sarvaboumanagar, chikkalsandra, Bangalore - 560061
Rainbow business hotel Banquet Hall Bangalore080 2559 4787#96, residency road, Bangalore - 560025
MRG Hospitality Banquet Hall Bangalore(91)-80-40611400, (91)-9980853390, 080 - 49195100SadashivanagarSadashivanagar, Bangalore - 560080
Prakruthi Paradise Banquet Hall Bangaloremagadi main road #1265(6) , khb colony , magadi main road ,near khb bus stop , above adigas hotel, Bangalore - 560079
Kalathur Gardens Banquet Hall Bangalore080 2838 4335, Jalahalli#1, Kalathur house Kalathur layout Jalahalli, Bangalore - 560013
Lords Hotel Banquet Hall Bangalore91 95918 10509, 91 80 40408888Electronic City26-A, Phase-I, Hosur Road,Electronic City., Bangalore - 560100
Aurick Hotels Banquet Hall Bangalore91 80 4901 1000 , JP Nagar#598, 15th cross, 35th main, 6th phase, JP Nagar, Bangalore - 560078
Seasons Banquet Hall Bangalore Airport RoadNo.1, Golf Avenue, C O Hotel Royal Orchid, Adjacent Kga Golf Course, Airport Road, Bangalore - 560017
1947 banquet bangalore(91)-80-49175818banashankribanashankri, Bangalore - 560078
R N R Convention Hall Banquet Hall Bangalore08026574266, 08041205271Basavanagudi34, Patalamma Temple Street, Basavanagudi., Bangalore - 560004
Atria Banquet Hall Bangalore080 4939 4444, 91 80 2220 5205Palace RoadNo. 1,Palace Road., Bangalore - 560001
Capital Club Resort Banquet Hall Bangalore099000 18600Kanakapura RoadNo. 5 9, Anajanapur 80 Feet Road,Amruthnagar Main Road,Kanakapura Road., Bangalore - 560062
Mayuri Family Restaurant Banquet Hall BangaloreRMV Extension106, Cauvery Complex, New Bel Road, RMV Extension,, Bangalore - 560094
1947 Banquet Hall(91)8041261947, (91)9916401947 JayanagarNo 62, The High ST, 11th MN, Opposite Vijaya JR College, Jayanagar 4TH Block, Bangalore - 560041
THE PARK Banquet Hall Bangalore080 4147 6060, (0)80 2559 4666 M G ROAD14/7,M G ROAD, Bangalore - 560042
Brindavan Farms Banquet Hall BangaloreKengeriVidyapeeta Nagar, Kengeri, Bangalore - 560060
Pleasant Stay Inn Banquet Hall Bangalore080 2244 0165, JayanagarNo.175 13, Near To BSNL Telephone Office, 9TH Main Road,37th Cross,5TH Block, Jayanagar, Bangalore - 560041
The Pride Hotel Banquet Hall Bangalore080 4348 4348Richmond RoadNo. 93,Richmond Road., Bangalore - 560025
Fortune Banquet Hall BangaloreOpposit SAP Lab, Bangalore - 560066
Hotel A J International Banquet Hall Bangalore91-80-41971111, 91-9900069016/17#15 1 , bowring hospital road., Bangalore - 560001
Hotel Sabharwal Viceroy Banquet Hall BangaloreMinerva circle30,lalbagh fort road minerva circle, Bangalore - 560004
Yolee Grand Banquet Hall Bangalore9740026231, 9740011506 , 80 2557 7634, 97400 26231No.14, Opp Bangalore East Station, Bangalore - 560005
Pai Vaibhav Banquet Hall Bangalore9980909060, 91 - 80 - 41738555Siddaiah Road, Bangalore - 560002
Akshaya Party Hall Banquet Hall Bangalore80-25236611, (91)-9448054852 , 91-80-65961818,MarathahalliNo.92 6, Opp To Innovative Multiplex, Outer Ring Road, Marathahalli, Bangalore - 560037
SRI VIGNESHWARA SABHANGANA Banquet Hall BangaloreNrupathunga nagar232, Nrupathunga nagar , Nagarbhavi layout, bangalore 72, Bangalore - 560072
Hotel Basanth Residency Banquet Hall Bangalore9343798876, 09343903111,080 2238 6714, 080 - 22389900#3, 4th main road, opp.jain temple, Bangalore - 560009
Jaya Thirtha Party Hall Banquet Hall Bangalore9.03567015E9Chamarajpet7 11, Ashwini Mansion,9TH Cross, 3RD Main Road, Chamarajpet, Bangalore - 560018
MLR Convention Centre Banquet Hall Bangalore9180 - 4018 2222, 91 - 88613 01788Brigade Millenium 7th Phase, Brigade Millenium Campus, Bangalore - 560078
Regaalis Banquet Hall Bangalore080 4033 3111, (080) 41133111, 22273311, 22273381.40 2,Lavella Road., Bangalore - 560001
Templetree Leisure Banquet Hall Bangalore090083 66700, 9986266700BellandurNo 128/ 8, Behind Intel Campus, Outer Ring Road, Varthur Hobli, Panathur Post, Bellandur,, Bangalore - 560103
Gee Associates Banquet Hall Bangalore(91)-80-25420482Kammanahalli Main RoadNo.149, Near Police Station, James St,Kullappa Circle, Kammanahalli Main Road, Bangalore - 560084
President Hotel Banquet Hall Bangalore91)-80-66499891 Jayanagar#79 8 , diaganol road , 3rd block jayanagar., Bangalore - 560011
The Grand Marath Banquet Hall Bangalore080 4021 5555, 080 2555 1555 Magarath road, Bangalore - 560025
Tripti Party Hall Banquet Hall Bangalore098802 00692HBR Layout3C-321, Kamanhalli Road,HBR Layout., Bangalore - 560043
Crescents Hospitality Services Banquet Hall Bangalore(91)-80-25544320, +(91)-9980720786UlsoorNo.38 12, Opp To Bengali Association, Assaye Road, Ulsoor, Bangalore - 560008
Jai Durge Maa Complex Party Hall Banquet Hall Bangalore(91)-80-25255599IndiranagarJAI Burge MAA Cmplx, Nxt To JAI Durge MAA Tmpl, New Thippasandra Mn Rd, Indiranagar, Bangalore - 560038
JW Marriott80671 89999AshokNagar 24/1, Vittal Mallya Road, Ashok Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560001
Mysore Hall At ITC Gardenia080 2211 9898AshokNagar1, Residency Road, Ashok Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 562025

The Gateway Hotel080666 04545 Ashok Nagar,66, Residency Road, Shanthala Nagar, Ashok Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560025
Justa Hotel080 4113 5555 MG Road,21/14 Craig Park Layout, Behind Oriental Bank of Commerce, MG Road, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560001
Aurick Boutique Hotel080 4901 1000 J P Nagar15th Cross Road, MG Layout, JP Nagar VI Phase, J P Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560078
Hyatt Bangalore MG Road080 4936 1234,Halasuru1/1, Swami Vivekananda Road,Halasuru, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560008
The HHI Hotel 080 4076 1500, 08884404894 J P Nagar686, 15th Cross Rd, 2nd Phase, J P Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560078
The Oberoi080 2558 5858Mahatma Gandhi Rd37-39, Mahatma Gandhi Rd, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560001
The Chancery080 2227 6767, 41188888Lavelle Road10/6, Lavelle Road, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560001
Chancery Pavilion Bangalore91-08041-41-41-41 Residency Road#135, Residency Road, Bangalore - 560 025, India
Fairfield Marriott080 4947 0000RajajinagarNo:1/2, Golden Heights Building, 59th C Cross, 4th M Block , Rajajinagar, Behind Turtle Mall, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560010
The Fern Citadel Hotel080 4240 2222Ananda Rao CircleNo. 41, Seshadri Road, No. 41, Seshadri Road, Ananda Rao Circle, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560009
Woodlands Hotel080 2222 5111Richmond Town 5, Rajaram Mohan Roy Road, Richmond Town, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560025
Fortune Park JP Celestial080 3988 4433Gandhi Nagar5/43, Racecourse Road, Gandhi Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560009
The Park080 2559 4666Mahatma Gandhi Road14/7, Mahatma Gandhi Road, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560042
The Solitaire91-80-40443636Madhavanagar#3, kumara Krupa road, Madhavanagar, Bangalore-560001

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Marriage Halls in Bangalore

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Marriage halls in Bangalore

Marriage halls in Bangalore can provide ‘soon to be married’ Indian couples with the perfect venue to conduct their wedding ceremony. Popularly known as choultries, these establishments offer a wide array of amenities to suit the size and duration of the wedding. Here is a short guide on marriage halls in Bangalore.

Searching for Marriage Halls in Bangalore

In order to make your search for marriage halls in Bangalore much easier and convenient, there is a very helpful portal online called that can provide you with a comprehensive list of marriage halls in Bangalore for your perusal. When choosing Kalyana Mantapas Bangalore it is important that you have an idea of how big your wedding party is going to be. Indian weddings are known to be quite extravagant with hundreds of family members attending, so make sure to choose wedding halls that can accommodate the desired number of guests.

Marriage Halls in BangaloreWhen selecting marriage halls in Bangalore do not merely be content with what you see online. Create a short-list of five possible locations and schedule an ocular inspection of the place to determine if the facilities are on par with what you require. If you have chosen an outdoor wedding as most Indians do, make sure to check out the outdoor amenities on offer in order to protect you and your guests from the elements of nature.

Parking & Accessibility

Parkinga is another important amenity that you should consider when selecting marriage halls in Bangalore. If you have a few hundred guests attending the wedding, this is a major concern if there are no locations for them to park their vehicles. Consider arranging for transportation to and from the venue. Use the hotel where you will be staying as a meeting point from where guests can be ferried to the actual venue. Request free parking stubs for your guests whenever possible.

Book Early

Indian weddings are traditionally done on auspicious dates so if you are going to decide on marriage halls in Bangalore it is only but wise that you book the place as early as possible so as to ensure that you get the date for your wedding set and with a venue to boot.

Choose appropriate Seating Arrangements

When looking at marriage halls in Bangalore make sure that the place can seat the desired number of guests and then some. Nothing can spoil a big Indian wedding than a crowded venue with not enough space to seat the number of guests in attendance.

Appropriate Catering Services

Marriage Halls in BangaloreMost marriage halls in Bangalore already have an in-house catering service that will take care of the food requirements of the guests. If you want to bring in your own caterer it would be wise to coordinate with the choultry in order to know if this is allowable or not. Moreover, determine also the type of cuisine, whether they are strictly vegetarian or allow mixed cuisines for the benefit of your guests.

Wedding decor Services

More often than not wedding decoration services are already included with most marriage halls in Bangalore. Check with them to determine the different options available and see if they have the one that will fit the theme of your big Indian wedding.

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Wedding Images “Must Haves” – Indian Weddings

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wedding images

Wedding images tell a unique story as it shows the progression of a couple from two separate people into a unified whole. Indian weddings are considered to be a festival in their own right. It is easy for a novice-wedding photographer to get intimidated or overwhelmed by the sheer number of attendees. Marriage photos should tell the story of the three-day event that is the Indian wedding and tell it in a comprehensible manner so that the couple and their loved ones could look back at the day with joyful memories. Here are some Indian wedding images must haves that the photographer should not fail to capture.

The Bride’s Jewelry

Wedding images are not complete without a collection of photos that exemplify the beauty of the bride’s jewelry. Indians are quite known to have a penchant for conspicuous jewelry during occasions such as this because it shows the hope of prosperity that the wedded couple prays for.

Mehndi Ritual

Wedding images of the Mehndi ritual are another important must have for any Indian wedding. Usually, the Mehndi ceremony occurs during the second day of the wedding where women paint henna tattoos on their hands and feet. The intricate designs of the henna tattoos are a perfect addition to the wedding albums that will surely come afterward.

Wedding Images of the Bride & Groom’s Preparation

It is a tradition in India that wedding images of the bride and groom getting ready be taken by the wedding photographer. Usually, the photographer takes the images at different vantage points using a telephoto lens in order to avoid being a distraction to the rituals.

Bride & Groom Together

It cannot be a collection of wedding images without photos of the bride and groom together. In order to do this properly, the photographer needs to scout the venue beforehand so as to determine the best landscape and backgrounds for posed shots with the couple. At this stage, he may be able to setup the lights and choose the colors and even throw in some panoramic wedding images of the couple and the beautiful scenery around them.

Key Wedding Rituals

Indian traditional weddings follow Hindu practices and thus are filled with sacred wedding rituals. Make sure that the photographer takes wedding images of the rites as they are being performed. In line with this, it is important to interview the photographer beforehand if they are knowledgeable about the religious ceremonies involved with Hindu wedding ceremonies.

Candid Shots of Relatives and Guests

No Indian wedding party is complete without candid wedding images of the family and guests having fun at the party. Make sure to take a picture of a tearful mother of the bride and father of the bride giving away their daughter in marriage. Indian weddings are not all duty and rituals, there are lots of fun and enjoyable moments in between so make sure that all of them are captured on film because these candid shots tell a unique story of their own.

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Flower Decoration – Tips to Hire the Best

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Flower Decoration


Traditional Hindu weddings are considered grand affairs that usually play out over several days and there are very elaborate ceremonies that can sometimes last for one week. Basically, when we refer to Indian weddings, it is divided into three sections namely, the pre-wedding, the main wedding day and lastly, the post wedding functions. All of these functions involve meticulous planning and involves a lot of people as Indian weddings are a celebration that involves all members of the family whether they are distant relatives or first degree ones. In order to pull this momentous event through properly without a hitch, the couple needs to hire a reputable vendor for flower decoration that will coordinate all the necessary planning for the décor especially the flowers because in the Hindu religion, flowers play a very important role in the rituals. For instance, Marigolds are the most commonly used flower in traditional Indian weddings because this is the flower that is used to worship Lord Vishnu and his wife goddess Lakshmi. Therefore, these flowers are symbolic of the divine blessings that the newlyweds receive in preparation for their life together as husband and wife.

Therefore, when hiring a wedding decorator make sure to review his reputation first. Find out how many traditional Indian weddings he has had the privilege of planning and decorating. Check out photographs from his previous engagements to see if he is actually doing what he is supposedly advertising. One of the most popular flowers that are used in Indian weddings are red, pink and white roses. The pink ones denote happiness, whereas the white one signifies charm as well as grace and the red one symbolizes passionate love. It is important that your wedding decorator knows the reasons for the use of such flowers and understands their place in traditional Indian wedding ceremonies and rituals.

Choosing the Best for Flower Decoration

When choosing a wedding decorator do not be merely satisfied with pictures that he might show you. Insist also that he bring samples of the flowers and the arrangements and present these to you in order to determine the quality of the flowers he intends to bring to one of the most important days of your lives. It is true that a great many wedding decorators do not have their own offices officially and usually work from home, but this should not deter you from choosing a reputable decorator to handle your wedding if you feel confident enough in the work he has done. Talk to the coordinator and find out if he or she is well organized. Find out how she will plan your wedding and if she can guarantee the flowers that you want. Make sure that everything is done in black and white meaning that he provides you with a contract that outlines the services he intends to provide. Do not select a wedding decorator that is late for a meeting or seems to be always talking to another client on the phone as this probably means that you might not have his full and undivided attention.

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Bangalore Wedding Planner FAQ’S

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Bangalore wedding planner

Who is a Wedding Planner?

A Bangalore wedding planner is a person who assists soon-to-be-married couples with all the important preparations necessary for their wedding. He or she is a professional in the industry and possesses all the necessary skills and experience to make each Indian wedding as memorable as it can be.

Why Use The Services of a Marriage Planner?

Many Indian couples today are working long hours in their respective jobs and simply do not have the time to research, interview and choose all the details necessary for their wedding. The wedding planner has all the expertise and knowledge about the wedding industry so that he can make the life of the couple much easier when it comes to planning their big day. Moreover, most soon to be brides and grooms are quite unfamiliar about the wedding planning process. In order to avoid headaches and stress, a wedding planner can provide the necessary assistance to guide them through this process of planning together.

How to Go about Looking for a Wedding Organizer?

If you have no idea on how to go about looking for a wedding planner, we recommend visiting the online portal to get a list of reputable planners that you can interview.

What are the Qualities to look for in a wedding planner?

When looking for a wedding planner, choose one that is punctual, energetic, organized and has a good reputation with his previous clients. He is a person that will take the time to get to know you as a couple so that you can be at ease with him and he can better gauge the kind of assistance you need with regards to planning your wedding.
What are some of the questions that I need to ask him?

When interviewing a prospective wedding planner, ask him how many years has he been working in the industry. Find out if he has the right knowledge with regards to how a traditional Hindu ceremony is done. Find out his knowledge about the different rituals and the way they are performed in the right succession.

Should I Insist on a Contract?

Yes. When getting the services of a wedding planner make sure that the scope of his services is outlined clearly in the contract. Make sure to know how many people will be working with him to assist you in the pre-wedding requirements. The contract should state about the fees as well as a penalty clause should he fail to provide you with the service you desire. Make sure that the refund policy is clearly stated.

What to Avoid?

Try to avoid a wedding planner that simply does not have the time for you. If you notice that he is busy all the time or cannot be reached on the phone then you might have a problem. A good wedding manager will always have time for you. He should be available for consult anytime that you need to if you have any concerns. Try to avoid planners that cannot give you references or are simply unwilling to provide you with one.


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Tips for Hiring a Wedding Decorator in Bangalore

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wedding decorator in Bangalore

Traditional Hindu weddings are considered grand affairs that usually play out over several days and there are very elaborate ceremonies that can sometimes last for one week.  Basically, when we refer to Indian weddings per se, it is divided into three sections namely, the pre-wedding, the main wedding day and lastly, the post wedding functions.  All of these functions involve meticulous planning and involves a lot of people as Indian weddings are a celebration that involves all members of the family whether they are distant relatives or first degree ones.  In order to pull this momentous event through properly without a hitch, the couple needs to hire a reputable wedding decorator in Bangalore that will coordinate all the necessary planning for the décor especially the flowers because in the Hindu religion, flowers play a very important role in the rituals. For instance, Marigolds are the most commonly used flower in traditional Indian weddings because this is the flower that is used to worship Lord Vishnu and his wife goddess Lakshmi.   Therefore, these flowers are symbolic of the divine blessings that the newlyweds receive in preparation for their life together as husband and wife.

wedding decorator in BangaloreTherefore, when hiring a wedding decorator in Bangalore make sure to review his reputation first.  Find out how many traditional Indian weddings he has had the privilege of planning and decorating.  Check out photographs from his previous engagements to see if he is actually doing what he is supposedly advertising.  One of the most popular flowers that are used in Indian weddings are red, pink and white roses. The pink ones denote happiness, whereas the white one signifies charm as well as grace and the red one symbolizes passionate love.  It is important that your wedding decorator knows the reasons for the use of such flowers and understands their place in traditional Indian wedding ceremonies and rituals.

Tips to find a wedding decorator in Bangalore

When choosing a wedding decorator in Bangalore do not be merely satisfied with pictures that he might show you.  Insist also that he bring samples of the flowers and the arrangements and present these to you in order to determine the quality of the flowers he intends to bring to one of the most important days of your lives.  It is true that a great many wedding decorators do not have their own offices officially and usually work from home, but this should not deter you from choosing a reputable wedding decorator in Bangalore to handle your wedding if you feel confident enough in the work he has done.  Talk to the coordinator and find out if he or she is well organized. Find out how she will plan your wedding and if she can guarantee the flowers that you want.  Make sure that everything is done in black and white meaning that he provides you with a contract that outlines the services he intends to provide.  Do not select a wedding decorator that is late for a meeting or seems to be always talking to another client on the phone as this probably means that you might not have his full and undivided attention.


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