How to Select Banquet Halls in Bangalore
Banquet Halls in Bangalore – Picking the Right Place

Banquet Halls in Bangalore – Picking the Right Place

Indian weddings are such grand affairs; that is why there is great demand for banquet halls in Bangalore to service the hundreds of couples that get married each year. For Indian couples it is not surprising to have hundreds of guests that will attend their wedding day. It is only but natural that banquet halls in Bangalore should be able to accommodate the expected number of guests from both sides of the family. Indian weddings are also known to last for several days with some even for up to a week. Thus, proper preparation should be taken when it comes to choosing the marriage halls so that there would be no inconvenience caused on the part of the couple.

You may ask, how am I going to be guided when it comes to choosing wedding resorts in Bangalore? The answer is pretty simple: With so many banquet halls in Bangalore these days it can be a tad difficult to choose the right one without the proper guidance from the experts. Getting advice from experts such as the people from will not only make your wedding preparations easier, it will also be much more memorable and perfect. This is due to the fact that experts from will guide through each step of the process to make your day truly a very special one.

Some of the most popular banquet halls in Bangalore include the following:

Dayananda Sagar Memorial Hall — Banquet halls in Bangalore could not be more beautiful than this beautiful wedding spot located in Jayanagar. It is considered to be one of the largest Kalyana Mantapas. It has kitchen amenities that can serve at least 2,500 guests. The food is strictly vegetarian so this is perfect for couples who follow a healthy diet. The reception hall capacity is 600 and the dining hall can seat approximately two hundred and fifty guests.

AGN Kalyana Mandira – is another example of popular banquet halls in Bangalore. The choultry is located on Bannerghetta Road and is also considered to be one of the biggest. It offers 8 rooms with a dining hall seating capacity good for five hundred guests. The reception hall seating can accommodate up to eight hundred guests and the food is strictly vegetarian as well.

When it comes to choosing banquet halls in Bangalore it is recommended that you plan way ahead of time especially if you are planning to get married based on a traditional Hindu wedding date. Keep in mind that each choultry has their own specific qualities which is precisely the reason why you should at least make an ocular inspection of the venue prior to booking it for the date.

Other Qualities to look for in Banquet Halls in Bangalore are:

• Seating Capacity
• Availability of parking
• Security
• Type of food allowed whether strictly vegetarian or if they allow meat in the menu
• Determine also if alcohol is served
• Accommodations for guests

When it comes to choosing banquet halls in Bangalore do not hesitate to get the guidance of experts such as the people from as they have the necessary experience and know how to help you not only choose wedding banquet halls in Bangalore but more importantly make your entire wedding a success. Call today.


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