Portrait Photography in Indian Weddings

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Portrait Photography in Indian Weddings

Portrait Photography in Indian Weddings

Taking Indian portrait photography requires skill and experience in order to capture the best images possible. Your wedding photographer in Bangalore should be a person who knows your best angles in order to feature your best qualities. Here are some important tips regarding Indian wedding portrait photography.

Portrait Photography – Looking for Natural Gestures

In order to create that magical shot for a wedding portrait photography shoot, the photographer needs to look for certain natural gestures from the bride and groom. In order to make this happen, Indian wedding portrait photography pros shoot using what is called a narrow depth of field so as to capture those wonderful gestures during the initiation of the wedding vows or during the “Sindoor” application. Using the narrow depth of field technique allows the photographer to get a wonderful “bokeh” that typically adds charm to the actual shots and blurs any distractions coming from the background.

From a Vantage Point When Possible

In order to capture one-of-a-kind bridal moments like when she is being assisted with her dress, the application of jewelry and make-up, a popular wedding portrait photography technique calls for taking pictures from varying vantage points using a telephoto lens. Shooting with this technique allows the photographer to do his job without intruding. Shooting pictures using a telephoto lens also allows the opportunity to capture some shots up close from a considerable distance and can also be used to get pictures of important wedding items such as the wedding ring, bridal bouquet, the gown etc.

One of the most important events in the wedding that a candid photographer Bangalore professional would never miss is the “Vidaii” ceremony. This is considered to be the one of the most emotional, if not the most emotional segment of an Indian wedding ceremony. He captures amazing portrait photography moments like when the bride embraces her close relatives and friends prior to leaving. The ceremony ends with the tradition of throwing rice by the bride over her family members standing behind her and symbolizes a reimbursement of the blessings that her parents have given her and a wish for prosperity too.

When taking Indian wedding portrait photography, it is a must that the photographer surveys the venue prior to the event so as to determine the best use of the existing architecture for the traditional pose shots with the bride and groom. At this moment, the Indian portrait photography professional will make the decision for what kind of lighting, background, layouts etc. are to be employed in order to come up with the best shots possible.
Pre-wedding portrait photography sessions are also recommended in order to allow the couple to be at ease in front of the photographer’s lens. Usually this can be held at a location of the couple’s choosing.

Indian portrait photography experts also try to avoid taking shots of people when they are eating. This can be sometimes difficult as Indian weddings are a foodie’s delight. When taking images in front of food, the photographer allows the subjects to finish their meal or at least inform them so they can be ready for a posed shot.

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