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Thinking of Getting Wedding Loans In Bangalore?

So you were all excited about planning for your wedding for the biggest day of your life and all of a sudden you have started getting nightmares? What’s keeping you up at middle of the night is not the traditional slug fest with your “to-be in-laws” in the epic Indian wedding event rigmaroles but money worries. The worries about arranging for money to pay up for all the expenses that a marriage event requires. Expenses such as hall rent, catering bill, decoration charges, photography services charges, bridal makeup charges, etc. Well, truth be told, you are not the first person to feel this way. Many a thousands go through the same tensions of putting a wedding together and the expenses it comes with.

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The options to arrange for money to pay up for all the wedding expenses are not that many. Putting it on a credit card with exorbitant interest rates can never be an option. Taking a loan from a friend or a family relative sends out the wrong message to people. Withdrawing all your life time savings from your bank can only mean you are about to start your new life with zero savings.

Wedding – Marriage loans in Bangalore

marriage loan in bangaloreTo simplify lives of thousands who go through such difficult ordeal, banks these days offer wedding loans or marriage loans in Bangalore and other cities. Now these loans are very similar to private loans in Bangalore or personal loans in Bangalore. But unlike home loans or used car loans in Bangalore, these marriage loans in Bangalore are actually unsecured loans. Meaning there are no collateral or guarantees for these loans. These personal loan agents in Bangalore or Banks that offer personal wedding loans in Bangalore often caterer to borrowers who may not have the best credit scores but do deserve a marriage loan. These banks offer highly structured and stream lined process so as to provide customers with wedding loans as quickly and as stress free as possible for the customers. Some popular banks which offer wedding or marriage loans in Bangalore are HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank, Axis Bank and other state banks such as State Bank of India, State Bank of Mysore, Karnataka Bank, Corporation Bank among others.

Call 080-9740001140 for Wedding Loans in Bangalore

Marriage loans vs Loans from private lenders

Marriage loans in Bangalore offers are a whole world different than the wedding loans or marriage loans offered by private finance lenders in Bangalore. They actually vary across different features:

  • Banks which offer wedding loans in Bangalore use a broad range of criteria to ascertain customers ability to get a wedding loan and to return in it. Wider the range, greater is your chance of getting approved for a marriage loan
  • Most of these loaning banks often look into the history of your banking with them provided you were maintaining a salary account with these banks
  • Application forms for these  wedding loans are typically processed very quickly. Often within 2 to 3 days of submitting the form
  • Col-laterals or Surities are not insisted upon to issue loans for marriage or wedding
  • Most banks will not insist on using their bank accounts post approval of the wedding loans
  • Professional customer service available through call or chat round the week when you need things sorted
  • Upon successful completion of a loan term and recovery, most banks encourage their customers to reconsider taking another loan. This can certainly come in handy if by then you are looking for a home loan to settle down.

With so many options to choose from these banks, if you are looking for a wedding loan or a marriage loan in Bangalore, worrying about your wedding expenses is a futile exercise for your mind. So go ahead and make that move to secure yourself a wedding loan in Bangalore today.