Marriage Halls in Bangalore - A Guide to Choose the right one

Marriage Halls in Bangalore

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Marriage Halls in Bangalore

Marriage halls in Bangalore can provide ‘soon to be married’ Indian couples with the perfect venue to conduct their wedding ceremony. Popularly known as choultries, these establishments offer a wide array of amenities to suit the size and duration of the wedding. Here is a short guide on marriage halls in Bangalore.

Searching for Marriage Halls in Bangalore

In order to make your search for marriage halls in Bangalore much easier and convenient, there is a very helpful portal online called that can provide you with a comprehensive list of marriage halls in Bangalore for your perusal. When choosing Kalyana Mantapas Bangalore it is important that you have an idea of how big your wedding party is going to be. Indian weddings are known to be quite extravagant with hundreds of family members attending, so make sure to choose wedding halls that can accommodate the desired number of guests.

Marriage Halls in BangaloreWhen selecting marriage halls in Bangalore do not merely be content with what you see online. Create a short-list of five possible locations and schedule an ocular inspection of the place to determine if the facilities are on par with what you require. If you have chosen an outdoor wedding as most Indians do, make sure to check out the outdoor amenities on offer in order to protect you and your guests from the elements of nature.

Parking & Accessibility

Parkinga is another important amenity that you should consider when selecting marriage halls in Bangalore. If you have a few hundred guests attending the wedding, this is a major concern if there are no locations for them to park their vehicles. Consider arranging for transportation to and from the venue. Use the hotel where you will be staying as a meeting point from where guests can be ferried to the actual venue. Request free parking stubs for your guests whenever possible.

Book Early

Indian weddings are traditionally done on auspicious dates so if you are going to decide on marriage halls in Bangalore it is only but wise that you book the place as early as possible so as to ensure that you get the date for your wedding set and with a venue to boot.

Choose appropriate Seating Arrangements

When looking at marriage halls in Bangalore make sure that the place can seat the desired number of guests and then some. Nothing can spoil a big Indian wedding than a crowded venue with not enough space to seat the number of guests in attendance.

Appropriate Catering Services

Marriage Halls in BangaloreMost marriage halls in Bangalore already have an in-house catering service that will take care of the food requirements of the guests. If you want to bring in your own caterer it would be wise to coordinate with the choultry in order to know if this is allowable or not. Moreover, determine also the type of cuisine, whether they are strictly vegetarian or allow mixed cuisines for the benefit of your guests.

Wedding decor Services

More often than not wedding decoration services are already included with most marriage halls in Bangalore. Check with them to determine the different options available and see if they have the one that will fit the theme of your big Indian wedding.

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