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GM Palya, Bengaluru

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I am a very skilful and knowledgeable photographer with years of experience in all the genres of photography. I have vast expertise in all the techniques and subtle aspects of photography, namely – composition, selection of different lens for different situations and different effects, selective focusing by using proper depth of field, selection of proper shutter-speed and ISO values, selection of point of view, color management, different exposure correction methods, exposure settings using natural light and/or artificial lights, different flash light settings, usage of different flash light modifiers, capturing the details, creating moods or dramatic effects in the pictures using different light techniques, creating story telling pictures, artistic posing techniques etc. I also have vast knowledge in picture post processing techniques using different softwares, filters and other effects. I have received much training from online training sessions from internationally renowned wedding photographers. I am a versatile photographer and very recently I am chosen as one of the top 10 photographers from one online contest organized by What’s Your Skill. I use several camera bodies and lenses, flashes, light strobes, light modifiers and many other special instruments. Different equipments provide different visual effects. All these techniques and artistic picture qualities are not possible from other small photographers who generally take pictures from only one camera and lens, use direct flash and don’t have proper expertise in all these techniques. Photography is science, art, presence of mind, creative watching and many other aspects putting together – it’s not just holding a camera and clicking the button! I have also a team which provides cinematography, HD videography and traditional photography. So together as a team, we can fulfill all your requirements. We will try our level best to make everything as much artistic and creative as they can be. Looking for a truly magnificent setting for your wedding day. Call 9740001140 right away. The recipe for extraordinary Wedding event in Bangalore. Call 9740001140 now. See great examples of Bangalore wedding candid photography. Visit For hiring Indian Bridal make up artist in Bangalore,please contact 9845144473.

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For Availabilty and Details of Wedding Venues in Bangalore. Please Call 9740001140 right away.

Planning for Party or Reception Choose a Banquet Hall in Bangalore. Please Call 9740001140 right away.

Looking for a Truly Magnificent Setting for Your Wedding Day. Please Call 9740001140 right away.

The Recipe for Extraordinary Wedding Event in Bangalore. Please Call 9740001140 right away.

See Great Examples of Bangalore Wedding Candid Photography. Please Call 9740001140 right away.

For Hiring Indian Bridal Make Up Artist in Bangalore. Please Call 9740001140 right away.

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