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Indian Wedding Themes – Popular Ideas

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Indian Wedding Themes – Popular Ideas

Indian Wedding ThemesPopular Indian wedding themes are basically characterized by dazzling colors, beautiful wedding attire and passionate and energetic dancing among others.  For soon to be married Indian couples, theme weddings are becoming more and more popular because they want to celebrate their one of a kind affair as uniquely as possible.  Here are some of the things that you need to know with regard to popular Indian wedding themes.

Some popular Indian wedding themes

Combination of Traditional and New Today’s Indian wedding themes can have a combination of the exotic with the modern as well as the traditional.  All that is needed from your part is to exert some effort with the planning and research so that you can incorporate regional rituals with your marriage decoration as well as integrate some unique features.  It is imperative that wedding themes be incorporated on essential items such as the venue, flower decoration, wedding invitation, food, the clothes and also the wedding car or doli. Some of the other elements that should contain the theme include the photography and video, the music and entertainment not to mention the planning for the honeymoon destination as well. The Secret When it comes to the implementation of popular Indian wedding themes, the secret lies in the amount of effort that you are prepared to put into it so as to integrate as much of the elements together into one cohesive presentation. Of course, you need to have an appropriate budget for starters.  However, you can still keep things practical and inexpensive and yet provide that uniqueness you need for your affair but it will require some pretty creative planning and preparation on your part in order to pull it off. Some of the Most Popular Indian wedding themes today include: Village Style Wedding Considered to be one of the most popular Indian wedding themes, the village wedding can be held in a bucolic type of setting adorned with decorative bullock carts, earthen pots, lanterns and the like.  The food and entertainment can also be set along those lines.  You have the option to have food that can be served on banana leaves and the baraat can have exotic animals. The Goan Wedding Indian Wedding ThemesOne of the wedding themes that is popular with the young and hip, the Goan wedding is considered to be a show-stopper especially with cross-cultural weddings.  It is an established fact that Goa is quite known for its beautiful sandy beaches.  In a country like India, beach weddings are known to be novelties.  Therefore, a Goan wedding setting can be considered not just a unique affair but also a very romantic one at that.  Wedding themes that incorporate romantic sunsets and the allure of the sea are guaranteed not only to impress wedding guests but also express the happy future that the couple aspires for. Combination of East and West Nowadays, more Indian couples are incorporating elements of the east and west when it comes to wedding themes.  For instance, having the date cards, guest books as well as thank you cards are quite unusual to traditional Indian couples but are now being seen more frequently as a means to adding an element of uniqueness to the grand affair.   Contact Number: 08046502080

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