Guide to Choosing Indian Wedding Invitations

Guide to Choosing Indian Wedding Invitations

Wedding invitations play an important role in an Indian wedding. Not only do they serve to inform the guests to honor the bride and groom with their presence, but also reflect the style and taste of the couple and can provide a peek into their social status. There are literally hundreds of beautiful invitation cards Bangalore to choose from which may leave you confused. Perhaps the best way to go about conceptualizing your wedding invitations is with the guidance of experts such as the people from Here is a look at what the experts have to say on the matter.

Pomp & Pageantry

Indian weddings are known to be full of pomp and pageantry. The wedding usually lasts for three days. The first night, a priest usually performs the Ganesh pooja, which is a ceremony that occurs at home with only the couple and some close relatives and friends in attendance. The second day is mehendi ceremony where intricate henna tattoos are painted on the hands and feet of the bride. The third day is the main ceremony itself. The majority of the guests are usually invited on the last day or on all 3 days of the event. Make sure that you determine on the wedding invitations which guests will require participation and attendance when, so that they will know which day they are required to show up.

Set the Budget

Once you have determined the number of guests and their participation at your wedding, it is now time to set the budget for your wedding invitations. The good thing is that there are many invites out there that can cater to any couple’s budget. The rule of the thumb is, the more wedding invitations you need, the more expensive it is going to get, so make sure to choose a design that is within your budget range.


The next step in choosing wedding invitations calls for determining the colors. Conventionally speaking, Indian wedding invitations are works of art by themselves due to the spectacular color schemes used. Choose from red, gold, saffron or green. All of these colors represent passion, energy and love. These are best for weddings that are traditional in nature.

The Design of the Wedding Invitations

In Indian weddings, the design of the wedding invitations tells a lot about what kind of couple is going to get married. Via the use of sophisticated motifs and patterns, wedding invitations can be made to look very highly decorative in nature or traditional if need be. More often than not, religious motifs tend to take precedence. It would be wise to discuss with your partner beforehand in order to determine the nature of the card you want to have made.

Intricate Decors

Aside from the utilization of rich colors and intricate patterns, Indian wedding invitations also utilize a lot of embellishments such as golden threads, fake precious stones, mirrors as well as other suitable materials to provide beauty and flare to the design of the card. There are even wedding invitations that are so intricately crafted that mailing them could pose a problem.

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