Wedding Images “Must Haves” – Indian Weddings

Wedding Images “Must Haves” – Indian Weddings

Wedding images tell a unique story as it shows the progression of a couple from two separate people into a unified whole. Indian weddings are considered to be a festival in their own right. It is easy for a novice-wedding photographer to get intimidated or overwhelmed by the sheer number of attendees. Marriage photos should tell the story of the three-day event that is the Indian wedding and tell it in a comprehensible manner so that the couple and their loved ones could look back at the day with joyful memories. Here are some Indian wedding images must haves that the photographer should not fail to capture.

The Bride’s Jewelry

Wedding images are not complete without a collection of photos that exemplify the beauty of the bride’s jewelry. Indians are quite known to have a penchant for conspicuous jewelry during occasions such as this because it shows the hope of prosperity that the wedded couple prays for.

Mehndi Ritual

Wedding images of the Mehndi ritual are another important must have for any Indian wedding. Usually, the Mehndi ceremony occurs during the second day of the wedding where women paint henna tattoos on their hands and feet. The intricate designs of the henna tattoos are a perfect addition to the wedding albums that will surely come afterward.

Wedding Images of the Bride & Groom’s Preparation

It is a tradition in India that wedding images of the bride and groom getting ready be taken by the wedding photographer. Usually, the photographer takes the images at different vantage points using a telephoto lens in order to avoid being a distraction to the rituals.

Bride & Groom Together

It cannot be a collection of wedding images without photos of the bride and groom together. In order to do this properly, the photographer needs to scout the venue beforehand so as to determine the best landscape and backgrounds for posed shots with the couple. At this stage, he may be able to setup the lights and choose the colors and even throw in some panoramic wedding images of the couple and the beautiful scenery around them.

Key Wedding Rituals

Indian traditional weddings follow Hindu practices and thus are filled with sacred wedding rituals. Make sure that the photographer takes wedding images of the rites as they are being performed. In line with this, it is important to interview the photographer beforehand if they are knowledgeable about the religious ceremonies involved with Hindu wedding ceremonies.

Candid Shots of Relatives and Guests

No Indian wedding party is complete without candid wedding images of the family and guests having fun at the party. Make sure to take a picture of a tearful mother of the bride and father of the bride giving away their daughter in marriage. Indian weddings are not all duty and rituals, there are lots of fun and enjoyable moments in between so make sure that all of them are captured on film because these candid shots tell a unique story of their own.

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