Indian Wedding Ceremony – Some Sacred Rituals

Indian Wedding Ceremony – Some Sacred Rituals

The traditional Indian wedding ceremony consists of a number of customs and rituals that are performed in succession one after the other. The traditional South Indian wedding is a deeply symbolic and very meaningful collection of rituals that dates back four thousand years. Each portion of the traditional Indian wedding ceremony consists of spiritual, philosophical and symbolic undertones.

The ceremony in a typical Indian wedding not only joins the souls of the wedded couple but also unites two families together. On a traditional note, the ceremony is usually performed in the traditional Sanskrit language, which is known to be the official language of Hinduism. For modern couples, the Indian wedding ceremony is usually performed with a combination of Sanskrit and English so as to allow people to understand and connect to the sacredness of the ceremonies itself.

Indian Wedding Ceremony

An Indian wedding is an elaborate ceremony that takes days to complete. The couple with the help of a wedding planner usually does the wedding planning activities in advance in order to cover all the important aspects of the ceremony from the venue, the gowns, flowers, wedding décor, catering services to the accommodation for the guests. Some wedding coordinators help the couple plan their honeymoon destination as well.

Gauri Puja

In a traditional Indian wedding, a ritual known as the Ganesha puja and Gauri puja are performed in the presence of the bride, usually at a different location. The puja ritual is done in order to remove obstacles and also to bring in prosperity for the bride. In this puja, the bride offers prayers to the goddess Gauri seeking her blessings for greater prosperity in life as well as a long and happy married life with her husband.


Another ritual to expect in an Indian wedding, in this the groom together with his family are greeted by his bride’s family and their guests. The priest then begins the wedding ceremony by invoking the presence of God as well as other divine beings to bless the marriage and bear witness to the couple’s love.

Ganapati Puja

The Indian wedding ceremony commences with the worship of Lord Ganesha, the god who can remove obstacles and also the bringer of good luck. His presence is invoked in order to make sure that the wedding goes on without a hitch.

Punyaha-vachanam and Yagnopavitra Dharanam

This is another typical Indian wedding ceremony ritual where prayers are recited to sanctify the water that is going to be used in the marriage ceremony. Basically, what happens is that holy water used to purify the wedding venue. An optional activity calls for the groom to receive a sacred thread, which symbolizes the beginning of family life.

Raksha Bandhanam&Kashi Yatra

The Raksha Bandhanam Indian wedding ceremony ritual calls for a red thread to be tied to the right wrist of the groom as a deterrent to any evil forces that might try to distract him during the wedding ceremony. The Kashi Yatra on the other hand basically gives the groom a chance to leave before his bride enters the ceremony. This Indian wedding ritual asks the groom if he would like to abandon worldly living and lead an ascetic life. The father of the bride requests the groom not to abandon his promise but to stay and marry his lovely daughter.

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