History Of Return Gifts

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History Of Return Gifts

History Of Return Gifts

When you are getting married, what better way to show your appreciation for your family and friends than with a memorable return gifts! We will discuss the history of return gifts, the meaning and what makes a return gift so unique that everyone will remember that special day for years to come. The tradition of giving return gifts can be traced back for centuries. It was used to thank guests for coming and a way to give back to make sure the guests were satisfied.

Wedding Planners in BangaloreWealthy European aristocrats, kings and queens usually gave return gifts. The most common favor given were small gift box favors called a bonbonniere. These bonbonnieres were usually made of precious stones, porcelain or even crystal and gold. Hundreds of years ago when sugar was the most sought after commodity, it would be considered extremely thoughtful for one to receive sugar as a gift. Edible favors anyone? In some cultures the bride and groom were looked at as having a special power, or good luck charm. So the return gifts are a way for the newly married husband and wife to pass along their good luck to their guests in form of a gift. Some examples of good luck are almonds, more specifically five almonds. The almonds usually would represent fertility, wealth, health and happiness.


1. Make sure it is meaningful. Try to pick something that symbolizes your love for each other.

2. Pick something that is practical. No one will remember your special day if it is not something that they can use, or at the very least, look at on a regular basis. Perhaps a personalized wine bottle opener? Who doesn’t love a good wine every now and then? Personalized return gifts such as a bottle opener, are not only practical, they are beautiful!

3. Everyone loves to eat right? Well how about an edible favor? Edible favors are becoming more and more popular these days. What is the most popular you ask? Chocolate of course! Now comes the question, what type of chocolate should I pick? Well, milk chocolate is probably the best edible return gifts to pick. Sources say that if you like milk chocolate you are a kid at heart! It also symbolizes a nostalgic memory…like old time love. Every time your guests snack on this chocolate they are sure to remember your special day.

4. Give something that has a lot of cultural significance. For modern Indian weddings, pretty much anything goes. If you are short on ideas, make it something that means a lot to your lifestyle. For example, try giving out a lucky elephant! Elephants are known for good luck. If you are of Spanish decent, the men give cigars and the women give out chocolate. In Italy, you can expect to receive a chocolate covered almond. In Russia, many favors consistently have very small pictures, small candles and many trinkets for the guests.

Whatever your decide to give to your guests as a return gift, make sure it is thoughtful, has meaning and at the very least, make it something they can use over and over for years to come!

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