Wedding Planner in Bangalore – Finding one

Wedding Planner in Bangalore – Finding one

Are you searching for a Wedding Planner in Bangalore? Then, you have come to THE place to find wedding planners in Bangalore. Wedding Okay has put together a long yet interesting list of tips for you to consider when you are looking for those wedding planners before you sign that check. So without further-a-do, here is the list:

Wedding Planner in BangaloreThe first thing you will want to make sure is that these Bangalore wedding planners do not charge you for the initial consultation. I hate it when people ask me to pay even before I know what they bring to the table. It is more like asking me to pay before I enter  a restaurant. Similarly, you will want to keep away from wedding planners who demand money just for their time spent in the initial meeting. I sometimes wondered if it is their ploy to ensure they get paid for that meeting no matter the outcome of the meeting or to get you on a hook to the real deal. Any case, before you invite that wedding planner over, you will want to make sure you’ve gone over some pointers we highly recommend.

Tips to find a wedding planner in Bangalore

  1. If you pick a wedding planner in Bangalore from the yellow pages, or Internet or by word of mouth see if they offer a free consultation. Most wedding planners in Bangalore will offer a free consultation in which they will sit down with the couple and review what it is the couple wants in their wedding and their budget. This is the time to watch for key elements in the planner.
  2. Most wedding planners work out of their homes. It is very rare that they have an office for the service they offer. This is obviously because most of the clients insist on meeting the wedding planners at their homes. So you will want to make sure that you invite them over to your house to meet them and figure out what they have to offer. Also, bear in mind that you will want to make sure all the decision makers are by your side when you have them over. No wedding planner wants to be invited over for dozens of ‘initial discussions’. It is often interpreted as lack of interest or desire in their wedding planning service. Bear this in mind when you plan on having them over
  3. While I am not a great believer in formal attire, I sometimes tend to think that you are the way you dress. If this wedding planner in Bangalore wants your business, then you would expect that he has dressed appropriately for the occasion.
  4. Most Bangalore wedding planners carry their portfolio with them when they come to visit you. They also carry a transparent price list along with their portfolio. You will want to be sure that you have reviewed these things before you proceed. I cannot emphasize enough the importance of discussing pricing information before you engage a wedding planner in Bangalore. I have seen enough engagements fall off or end up with ugly outcomes simply because the communication did not address every element of the pricing. As a consumer of a service, the onus is often upon us to identify all the elements of a contract and question unhesitatingly on the pricing consequence thereof for every element of the contract. Like a very famous wedding planner in Bangalore once said, ‘if you have to err, err on the side of over-caution’.  Asking references from previous engagements is often a pretty good indicator 0n how your experience with that wedding planner is going to be. So do not hesitate to ask for references and have a ready list of questions to ask just before you ring up the references. Remember, nobody appreciates a call for random talk.

With this we sincerely hope you are able to find that wedding planner in Bangalore without having to run around looking for one or pick one that you are not comfortable.

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