Christian Weddings In Bangalore – Tips And Pointers

Christian Weddings In Bangalore – Tips And Pointers

Wedding Cake

After the Bangalore wedding ceremony is over then the partying begins.  It is your reception and one of the big events is that you cut your cake. Here are three tips on selecting a wedding cake.

  • There are always new trends in wedding cakes.  Look through some bridal magazines to get some wedding cake ideas.  You don’t have to settle for the traditional white vanilla cake with heavy white frosting. All that matters is that the wedding cake tastes and looks good.
  • At least two months before your wedding, take your ideas to a Bangalore area bakery that has a cake designer on staff.  Good wedding cake designers are in demand and get booked very quickly.
  • Include the groom in choosing cake decorations. Usually most of the wedding planning is left to the bride, but thinking up ideas for cake decorations can be really fun for the bride and groom to do together.

Bridal Gown

Shopping for your bridal gown is an essential part of preparing for your wedding in Bangalore. Here are some tips to do it right.

  • Buy your gown from a Bangalore area bridal shop.  You want to actually see and touch your wedding dress before you buy it, so shopping online for your gown doesn’t make any sense.
  • Start shopping at least two months before your wedding day.  If the bridal shop has to order the gown you’ve chosen you’ll need that much time, especially if alterations are needed.
  • Have an idea of what you want before you shop. You can get a very general idea of the different types of gowns by looking through bridal magazines. Then, move on to surfing the Internet; there are hundreds of Web sites where you can view wedding gowns.  But remember that you are not buying online – you are only looking at different styles.
  • When researching, cut out (or print if using the Internet) pictures of the bridal gowns you like.  On the back of each, write down what you like about that gown. Take the pictures with you when shopping so you tell the sales person at the bridal shop.

Reception Venue

The best Bangalore wedding reception sites book up fast, so choose and reserve one early in your wedding planning.  Here are tips on how to choose a great Bangalore wedding reception location.

  • First impressions are important.  If you don’t like a place the first time you visit it, move on and continue your search.
  • Make sure the venue is large enough, taking into account not just the number of your guests, but also the band or DJ stage, the dance floor, and a place for the wedding cake.
  • Parking is a big concern. If you find a great venue except it has insufficient parking for all your guests, then you have to find a place close where your guests can park.
  • Lighting can influence the overall feel of the reception, so make sure the venue is well lit. Light sets the overall mood, so make sure you see the entire reception area lit during your walk through.
  • Ask how much you have to pay up front.  You should never pay more than fifty percent of the total rental cost up front.  Before you put a deposit down, get a written statement of their refund policy


Reserve a limousine for your Bangalore wedding shortly after you’ve chosen a date and a location for your wedding.  Here are five tips to help you when hiring a limo for your Bangalore wedding.

  • Find out what make and model is the limousine you’re renting. Make sure this information is in any contract or rental agreement you sign.  You don’t want a limousine from an old fleet.
  • Ask whether the rental charges include the driver’s gratuity and drinks you pour from the bar that comes with the limousine.

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