Catering Services in Bangalore – Guide to Choosing The Right Vendor

Catering Services in Bangalore – Guide to Choosing The Right Vendor

Catering services in Bangalore offer a unique service because they provide the excellent food that is going to be feasted during the wedding reception.  The job of an Indian wedding caterer is to provide the best quality of food and services to the couple so as to ensure that the wedding is truly a memorable event.  How many of you have attended weddings in the past and the only thing that you remember was whether the food was good or not? This is the reason why it is so important to choose the right caterer for your wedding.  Here are a few tips to consider when choosing catering services in Bangalore.

Determine Menu on Offer

When choosing catering services in Bangalore, the first thing that should be determined is the kind of menu they offer.  Indian weddings call for either strictly vegetarian or mixed types of food.  Once you have decided either vegetarian or mixed, the next step is to determine the budget for the food.

Check out the Packages

Catering services in Bangalore will offer you different wedding catering packages depending on the budget you have as well as the number of guests.  If the caterer itemizes the food on a per plate system, make sure to note the amount of food items included which should already include appetizers, drinks and of course the cutlery.

When choosing catering services in Bangalore, make sure to talk to people in the wedding industry such as the florist, the photographer or your wedding planner if there is anyone they would recommend. If you have not yet hired any of these people, go to to get hold of a list of reputable catering services in Bangaloreto choose from.

Limit Your Choices to 5 or 6 Catering Services in Bangalore

When it comes to selecting catering services in Bangalore, the saying “too many cooks spoil the broth” holds a lot of sway. In this regard, too many options can make it more difficult for you to choose the right one especially if they are all good. It is recommended that you limit yourself to at least five or six tasting sessions in order to avoid taste bud overload. Additionally, it is important not only to get the taste right but also the level of service when the meal is served.  The best wedding caterers ensure that food is delivered promptly at the buffet table and there is ample amount for everybody. Nothing can ruin a wedding more than food running out before all the guests have had their fill.

When selecting catering services in Bangalore, it is a practice to have a written quotation prior to enlisting their services. The quotation should include the food items that are going to be served as well as any other additional costs that might be incurred.  Catering services in Bangalore should provide a clear payment and cancellations policy in the contract.  Moreover, many catering services in Bangalore prefer to have a “per head” pricing scheme so it is essential that you are able to finalize your guest list or leave enough room for additional guests.

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