Bridal Makeup Tips

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Bridal Makeup Tips

Bridal Makeup Tips

We all know that weddings are very important milestones in people’s lives. During that day, the bride is the most beautiful woman in the world and she is made up to look the best that she can be. However, striving for that perfect Indian wedding look can be quite stressful at times.  By hiring a reliable makeup artist to do your face and following these Indian bridal makeup tips will not only ensure you have a perfect wedding day but will also guarantee that you look your best.

Bridal Makeup Advice

Probably the most important of all Indian bridal makeup advice is to get glowing skin on the day of your wedding.  You might be wondering how I can make sure that I look my best on that day?  The answer is simple, allow time for you to undergo skin treatments at least a couple of months or at the very least about six weeks prior to your wedding day.  Consult a reliable dermatologist in order to ensure that you get the right treatments so your skin would be radiant on your wedding day.

Prior to getting your makeup applied on the day of your nuptials it is recommended that you get your eyebrows done at least a day prior.  Getting your eyebrows plucked on the day of your wedding will only show redness and irritation that could potentially spoil your look.  Make sure to get enough sleep in order to avoid those dark circles and swelling underneath your eyes.  Make sure that you have the correct makeup products on hand for applying makeup such as tissues, foundation or concealer, mascara and eye liner, Kajal or Kohl pencil, eye shadow, lashes curlers or have false lashes at the ready and a few brushes.

Bridal Makeup To Do’s

Prior to makeup application, it is imperative that you have a clean face.  Make sure to clean and properly moisturize the face and neck completely. The next step is the application of the correct foundation that is appropriate for your skin type.  Make sure that it is applied evenly.  If you have dark spots, then it is necessary to apply concealer on your eyes. Once your face is flawless, the next step is choosing an eye shadow that will match the color of your wedding dress.  If you do not prefer this, a golden with smoky black blend can suit most wedding dresses.  The next step is to apply some Kajal on your eyes.  Try to avoid putting a thick layer as the focus should be on the lids.  With hands steady, apply the eyeliner to your eyes.  You can begin with a thin line close to the inner corner and a thick one going towards the outer corner of the eyes.  The next step is the application of mascara to give a thick look to your eye-lashes.  Make sure to apply it firmly but be careful not to spoil the kajal as well as the liner.  Once the mascara has dried it is now time to use a curler to provide the distinct shape to your lashes.

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