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  • Blushpix Studio

    Loading.... There is “Makeup” and there is “No Makeup” look. It takes a true style connoisseur to know the difference. Her forte lies in achieving most natural and fresh look and making brides look like themselves on their wedding day and for those who prefer absolute finesse, Pushpa comes across Read more [...]

  • Mad Over Makeover

    Loading.... The most beautiful cosmetic you can have is passion. Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself. We love the fact that emphasizes the natural beauty and the elegance through its expression. Drawing inspiration from nature and the world around us, we love to play with colour and Read more [...]

  • Makeover by Chaitra Raghu

    Loading.... I’m a passionate Makeup artist, specializing in Bridal makeover. Contact me for Weddings, Engagements, Birthdays or any important functions. I also offer combo packages, which includes hairstyle, saree draping, mehandi, etc.

  • Tony The Makeup Artist

    Loading.... Bridal Makeup In Bangalore Mr. Tony Michael is one of the leading makeup artists in South India. 9 years in the industry, He is passionate about maintaining quality in Bridal Makeup In Bangalore, being totally professional, reliable and efficient in his work. His flawless, radiant makeup is created using Read more [...]

  • DA studio

    Immaculately deft at her craft in personalised appearance­enhancement artistry, Dipthi Aashok started her career with MAC cosmetics in 2007 as a Make­up Consultant. Ever since, being trained under the skilled­tutelage of doyens like Mickey Contractor, Vimi Joshi and other renowned industry professionals. Post her stint with MAC, she continued her Read more [...]