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Bangalore Wedding Planner FAQ’S

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Bangalore Wedding Planner FAQ’S

Bangalore Wedding Planner FAQ’S

Who is a Wedding Planner?

A Bangalore wedding planner is a person who assists soon-to-be-married couples with all the important preparations necessary for their wedding. He or she is a professional in the industry and possesses all the necessary skills and experience to make each Indian wedding as memorable as it can be.

Why Use The Services of a Marriage Planner?

Many Indian couples today are working long hours in their respective jobs and simply do not have the time to research, interview and choose all the details necessary for their wedding. The wedding planner has all the expertise and knowledge about the wedding industry so that he can make the life of the couple much easier when it comes to planning their big day. Moreover, most soon to be brides and grooms are quite unfamiliar about the wedding planning process. In order to avoid headaches and stress, a wedding planner can provide the necessary assistance to guide them through this process of planning together.

How to Go about Looking for a Wedding Organizer?

If you have no idea on how to go about looking for a wedding planner, we recommend visiting the online portal to get a list of reputable planners that you can interview.

What are the Qualities to look for in a wedding planner?

When looking for a wedding planner, choose one that is punctual, energetic, organized and has a good reputation with his previous clients. He is a person that will take the time to get to know you as a couple so that you can be at ease with him and he can better gauge the kind of assistance you need with regards to planning your wedding.
What are some of the questions that I need to ask him?

When interviewing a prospective wedding planner, ask him how many years has he been working in the industry. Find out if he has the right knowledge with regards to how a traditional Hindu ceremony is done. Find out his knowledge about the different rituals and the way they are performed in the right succession.

Should I Insist on a Contract?

Yes. When getting the services of a wedding planner make sure that the scope of his services is outlined clearly in the contract. Make sure to know how many people will be working with him to assist you in the pre-wedding requirements. The contract should state about the fees as well as a penalty clause should he fail to provide you with the service you desire. Make sure that the refund policy is clearly stated.

What to Avoid?

Try to avoid a wedding planner that simply does not have the time for you. If you notice that he is busy all the time or cannot be reached on the phone then you might have a problem. A good wedding manager will always have time for you. He should be available for consult anytime that you need to if you have any concerns. Try to avoid planners that cannot give you references or are simply unwilling to provide you with one.

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