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Bangalore Wedding Halls

Bangalore Wedding Halls

Looking for Bangalore Wedding Halls? Well, you are going to love us because we have done a splendid (yeah, we mean splendid) job of putting all the wedding halls in Bangalore on our site. We appreciate the amount of research that goes into find a Bangalore wedding hall of your choice. So, we thought you would appreciate it just as much, if we went around to the all the wedding halls in Bangalore and made videos of these Bangalore marriage halls, so that you don’t have to pay a visit to all the marriage halls in Bangalore to finalize your wedding hall.

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Bangalore Wedding Halls – Check Cost & Availability

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Bangalore Wedding HallsTo date, has covered over 300+ wedding halls in Bangalore. We’ve covered the length and breadth of this beautiful city covering every traditional kalyana mantapa to modern wedding halls, from wedding halls in palace to the most tidy and affordable ones.

Tips to choose from wedding halls in Bangalore

There are a number of things to consider while choosing from wedding halls in Bangalore. Here are generic tips and pointers to get you started:

Preferred Locality of the Bangalore wedding hall: A number of users we interact with tell us that typically the groom side of the family has a say in identifying the localities for the Bangalore wedding halls while some of the users mention that the bride side of the family takes the final call. Whoever ultimately decides will have to pick from some of the popular areas where these wedding halls are located in Bangalore. Rajajinagar and Jayanagar areas are considered to be hubs for wedding halls in Bangalore. You find a number of marriage halls here which come in all sizes, shapes and forms.  Bannerghatta road also hosts a number of marriage halls along the road but most of these halls are much larger than the ones located inside the city. Palace grounds also hosts 14 such large wedding halls in the centre of the city. There are also a number of wedding halls across the periphery of the city today in places such as hessarghatta, peenya, kamakshipalya, magadi road, Banashankari, on Sarjapur Road, outside of Marathalli and Kaduogi, and in the vicinity of Nagawara and Yelahanka. So those are some of the options for you to pick from. We reckon that there are atleast about 400 wedding halls in Bangalore for you to choose from.

Capacity of the Bangalore wedding halls: Here is another thing for you to consider. This is the toughest of the lot to plan for. It is often difficult to expect the number of guests to a wedding party. RSVP culture does not exist in our Indian culture. People show up when they do and it is often considered impolite to say that you are not going to an event where you are invited. So this must make your job difficult. Start by making a list of your family members, friends, colleagues, neighbours, school mates, class mates and everyone else that you plan to invite. That should get you a number to work with. Good news is that Bangalore has wedding halls of all sizes. There are kalyana mantapas which can accommodate as many as 5000 guests and there are ones that can accommodate a max of 500 guests.

Hall rent budget for the wedding halls in Bangalore: Yet another critical thing to consider. Bangalore wedding halls rentals are priced anywhere from 40,000 Rs per day to 4,00,000 Rs per day. Decide what your budget is.

When to book these Bangalore marriage halls: Most people will have you believe that you have to book months before the wedding date. Our experience is that there are two types of “waves” for these bookings. Typically the popular halls gets booked 5 to 6 months before the wedding dates in the first wave and the remaining wedding halls in Bangalore get booked only 3 to 4 months before the wedding date.

So, consider these things while you are booking these wedding halls in BangaloreHere is the list of wedding halls in Bangalore and use the search form below this table to search for availability for your wedding dates.

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