7 Wedding Gifts Ideas that can make Gifting an Easier Process

7 Wedding Gifts Ideas that can make Gifting an Easier Process

Wedding season means a lot of wedding to attend. All those around us, friends, relatives, cousins are all getting married in their classic big fat Indian wedding style. This means that there is a lot of pomp and show off and the guests receive a lot of love and respect. There’s a social norm of giving gifts to the bride and groom on the day of their wedding which means that every guest has to get some gifts for the newlyweds or the to-be-wed couple. But most couples receive useless gifts or envelopes of money which they don’t hold in high regards but when we come to think of it, there are not many good gifting ideas or options to pick from.

This is probably why most couples end up with numerous crockery sets of mixer grinders which they have no use for. If you’re heading to a wedding and thinking of good gifting ideas then your problem was just solved.

1. Nameplate

This can be one of the best gifts that you can give a couple who is about to start a new life together. A nameplate with both their names is not just thoughtful but also useful for the couple. 

2. Class

Gift the couple a class. A pottery class or a chocolate making class or maybe even a cooking class which can give them some extra time to spend with each other and bond as well. 

3.Weekend Getaway

While they may go for a honeymoon but they’re still a newlywed couple and there’s nothing wrong in gifting them a weekend getaway gift card that they can redeem anytime they want. 

4.Spa Vouchers

All the wedding functions can be very tiring and stressful and after all that drama and stress who doesn’t want a break? Gift the newlyweds a couple spa voucher that they can use to spend some time relaxing and pampering themselves. 

5.Grooming Kit

You can always get one skincare kit for the bride and one grooming kit for the groom. It is a simple yet useful gift that they will put to good use and remember you by.

6. Passport Covers

Most couples these days go abroad for their honeymoon and if the couples whose wedding you’re attending have similar plans, you can get them a personalised couple passport cover set that. They will remember your gift while they head to their honeymoon.

7. Care Package

Give the couple a self-care package with all the necessities. Pack a few healthy snacks, a good book to read, a bottle of wine or champagne, chocolates, plush slippers and robe for the couple, some bathing oils or bath bombs and perfume. This can be their honeymoon care package or just a regular care package that they surely won’t forget. 

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