4 Things That Might go Wrong on Your Wedding Day

4 Things That Might go Wrong on Your Wedding Day

Not everything might go as planned – not even on your wedding day. But remember – this is your special day. You have to be the happiest on this day. You can’t let little things spoil your day – at least not this one. Of course you will have to plan things and make the necessary preparations ahead of time. But if there is something you just can’t control, it is absolutely fine.

As a bride you might have your own dream wedding to look forward to. You try your best to make all the right decisions at all times. You prepare yourself to face every challenge that might show up on your Wedding day. Nevertheless it is always better to have a Plan B just in case something unexpected happens. Here are some of those unexpected situations:

Bad Weather

If there is one thing you will have no control on, on your wedding day, it is the weather. Whether you are planning an outdoor wedding or an indoor one, it is always better to have a weather back-up plan. Always check the forecast; but be prepared for a 100% chance of rain. Have your umbrellas handy and give out a couple of them to your guests. Work with your vendors and see if a tent can be arranged to keep the venue dry. If there are a few drizzles just take them as divine blessings and enjoy the special moments. It might take a little extra budgeting and planning; but all your efforts would be worthwhile.

Traffic Jams

Traffic jams can happen at any time and in any place. So build some buffer time within your schedule. If your ceremony starts at 5:30 PM, you can ask your guests to be there by 5. Offer them a few refreshing drinks. That should keep them happy. If you are not able to reach the venue in time, it doesn’t really matter. No ceremony can happen without the bride. Make arrangements to entertain your guests till you arrive.

Décor going wrong

You might have pictured the perfect wedding; but things may turn out a bit different. If the bouquet is a little different from the one you approved or the linens in the dining room are of the wrong color, there is nothing you can do about it, especially at the last moment. But remember – you are the only one who knows about the mistakes in the décor. Your guests are only going to see the big picture. For them, it is only a beautiful celebration.

Wardrobe malfunctions

With all the rituals and the running around this is not something you can’t expect. But hey – there is always an aunt with a purse full of safety pins and bobby pins. You only have to make sure she is somewhere nearby when you need her. You could even have someone get a hair dryer or a curling iron to the reception. You may not look the way you imagined yourself – but you are still going to look beautiful as long as you are happy.

Keeping calm is the only mantra you need to remember on your wedding day. This will help you handle any situation with a smile on your face.

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