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Wedding Venues in Bangalore – Notes

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Wedding Venues in Bangalore

Bangalore wedding industry has been showing tremendous growth. We can see the growth all over the fields related to wedding like wedding venue, Bridal Make-up, Photography, Decorations, Catering etc. Some new trends are adapted to each fields like there are candid and canvera in photography and in decorations now the days having vintage cars, photo booths, decorated chairs and tables, centre pieces are the new trends. Catering have some impressive changes people are now interested in having other food styles in their marriage rather than traditional style. Wedding venues in Bangalore have the most interesting changes there are some modern trends in wedding venues they have changed from traditional marriage halls to venues which have most modern facilities.

Wedding Venues In BangaloreIn old times a common marriage hall layout was having a large hall with kitchen facility and room for bride and groom but now marriage hall design have been changed a lot. Bangalore got some most modern wedding venue which has lots of facilities like Banquet halls, Party halls, Air conditioned halls, Convention halls, Outdoor wedding venues and Garden wedding Venues in Bangalore.

Wedding Venues In Bangalore: Alternate Options

Wedding planners in Bangalore have all sorts of wedding venues in Bangalore also they have list of outdoor wedding venues, reception halls and hotels with banquet halls in Bangalore. Wedding ceremonies have huge changes also they have changes in other related functions for example engagement and receptions these are important events related to wedding.

Hotels are becoming one of the popular wedding venues in Bangalore for hosting wedding, reception and engagement they are luxury venues. There some advantages for selecting hotels because they can take care of almost everything on your event like catering, entertainment, decorations etc; Bangalore has superb hotels with banquet halls and outdoor wedding space

Wedding Venues In Bangalore: Outdoor Options

Outdoor wedding venues are latest trends they are natural themed place where you will surly get some fresh ambiance also you feel much calm and stress free. Outdoor venue can provide lots natural scenery, lights and sounds.  But Weather is an important role in these events; a bad weather can ruin everything. It will be a different experience to be married in an outdoor venue like Hotel lawns, garden wedding place and Farmhouse a etc. Most of the people like to have their reception in outdoor venues it will give them very cool ambiance and guest will get some easy Bangalore got best outdoor venues around.

Having wedding venue alone can’t make it a gorgeous place you have to need best decorations also to make it beautiful where ever you set your eyes on, the venue  decorations makes it appear more and more beautiful. So the next you are looking for wedding venues in Bangalore, you will want to consider the number of things we have mentioned in this article. Good luck finding that Bangalore wedding venue.

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Garden Wedding Venues in Bangalore

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Bangalore is becoming one of the luxurious places in India. Bangalore city is famous for IT, Retail, Manufacturing and educational institutions. The city is now adapting modern lifestyle .We can see lots of changes in everyday life of Bangalore like dressing, food, wedding etc. We can see some significant changes in wedding ceremonies like some people are trying to coping western wedding style and some people have make changes in their pre/post wedding events and having wedding in traditional way. These changes can be seen from selecting wedding hall for example usually people go to select Ordinary Kalyana mantra but now there are lots of wedding halls and venues, peoples become more interested to select banquet halls with gardens, Outdoor Wedding venues, Outdoor Wedding Halls, Palace Wedding venues, and banquet hall for engagement party.

There are lots of Garden Wedding Venues in Bangalore most of them are in luxury hotels around Bangalore .Here we share detail of some of the famous venues which have outdoor space.

The Eden Gardens

Eden garden is a luxurious wedding hall around Bangalore. This place is ideal for “Royal Weddings” huge gathering etc. It has a beautiful, huge, lush green lawn that is typically used to throw an extravagant reception party. This place is one of the best Outdoor Wedding Venues in Bangalore.

The Tamarind Tree

The Tamarind Tree is a place where the old, the new, and someplace magical are crafted into an exquisite tapestry. Welcoming antique doorways lead you in to traditional courtyards, interwoven by cobble-stoned pathways. Frangipani blooms against the filigreed Bandstand. Elegant pavilions and panoramic beauty. Surrender to the charm of The Tamarind Tree.

Nestled in a five acre garden of beautiful trees including the original tamarind tree after which it was named, a natural pond, colonial Bandstand, elegant pavilions, guest rooms etc .This place is a wonderful Open air Wedding Venues in Bangalore.

Temple tree Leisure

A perfect blend of modern comforts with a rich, rustic ambience, Temple tree Leisure offers an imaginative and sophisticated venue for medium to large events that host 150 to 1000 guests. Set in a lush nature garden of 100,000 sft within Bangalore city limits, this is an eco-friendly-venue.

Nestled between sprawling lawns and murmuring water bodies, are the Bar and Lounge, Semi-open dining hall and an Air-conditioned dining hall. Clients have option to choose the entire space or a combination of spaces depending on their requirement.

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Banquet Halls in Bangalore

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Banquet halls are becoming an important part in wedding, wedding reception, wedding engagement and other functions like corporate meetings, family gathering and small celebration. There are lots of banquet halls in Bangalore, these days Banquet Halls are widely used as wedding venues. Bangalore banquet halls are made their place in Bangalore wedding venues. Wedding planners in Bangalore have enough list of banquet halls in Bangalore from that list you can select banquet halls for wedding, reception and other events

A Banquet hall is available within a hotel or resort etc. Banquet halls have catering facility within it; usually banquet halls are small which can hold a small number of guests. You can select the Banquet Halls nearby in Bangalore by the help of wedding planners in Bangalore.

Select the Banquet hall that suits for your event.

If your event is a small one and if you don’t have the time to plan your event, like you can select a banquet hall for Birthday parties, wedding reception etc then banquet halls are best option for you because they can arrange everything for you including catering.

Consider what kind of function you are planning

There are formal and personal events. Formal Events are usually corporate event, Award ceremony etc, for these kinds of functions there are lots of changes from a personal event for example the decorations, it’s entirely different from a personal function also the catering and the whole theme of the function. In a personal event things are more casual. You have to check what type of catering they offer like you may like traditional type of food or may be other styles so make sure that they can provide that which you prefer.

Check your Venue

You should check your venue make sure that it have enough parking space for all your guests and check the space of the event because  in some events there will be entertainment programs and separate space for dinning and sitting so you should be sure about your requirements

Check the budget

You have to select the best banquet hall that is within your budget. Banquet halls have some advantages for example if you don’t have to worry about the catering because they provide best catering for you some of the banquet halls provide beverages too.  You can select a Banquet hall in Bangalore which will be in your budget with help of wedding planners in Bangalore. Most of the Banquet halls in Bangalore provide some additional features like speakers, microphones, laser shows, etc

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Importance of Wedding Planners in Bangalore

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Bangalore is becoming one of the most modern city in India also its becoming one of the busiest city. The city now have a high speed life style, people are very busy in their work and everyday life. Organising a marriage in this busy city will be hard job. Finding a wedding halls, photographer, make-up artist, decorator and catering service these important things related to wedding will be tough job for peoples because these things have to be chosen carefully they have very important role in your wedding these things makes your event beautiful.

Wedding is one of the precious moments in your life so to make it memorable and beautiful you need careful preparations. In Bangalore it’s really impossible to plan and organise your wedding perfectly by yourself you need a wedding planner to organise your wedding as you dreamed. Wedding Planners in Bangalore will be the best choice for you.

Wedding planners in Bangalore have everything you wanted in your wedding event they have a big list of wedding venues in Bangalore you can easily select, which is convincible for you. There are lots of halls in Bangalore but you don’t know which is available on your event date, which of the venues Bangalore can hold your entire guests, which one is near to your place and most important thing which wedding hall is the most reasonable and within your budget. Wedding Planners in Bangalore have very much updated information’s like wedding halls in Bangalore with rates, Palace Wedding Venues, Convention Halls, Outdoor Wedding Venues, Wedding Reception Halls etc, you can find cheap reception halls with the help of Wedding Planners in Bangalore.

Wedding Hall Arrangements and decorations are also very important on your wedding. Table, chair arrangements and decorations everything should be beautiful and attractive but if you arrange all these things by yourself it will be go above your budget and may be chance for selecting  wrong  vendors  can ruin your event. Wedding Planners in Bangalore have list of best vendors around the city.

There new trends in wedding events like having dance floor , DJ party , laser shows etc are upcoming trends in Bangalore and Wedding Planners in Bangalore can arrange all these for you. These can’t be so easily arranged by yourself alone because if you go for yourself it will be a hard job for you in this big city so you need a wedding planner.


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